Injections and scalpels | Botox + scrotum = scrotox

One of the first patients in the pungent docuseries Injections and scalpels of Canal Vie wishes to stem a problem of moistness at the level of the lower body, to use the opaque language of Martin St-Louis.

This young man of 31 years sweats from the scrotum, the most vulgar will mock that he sweats from the pocket, frankly, and that the complex. The DD Geneviève Ferland-Caron has the ideal weapon to dry out this intimate area: injections of Botox directly into the scrotum, an aesthetic technique nicknamed scrotox and which has been practiced for several years now.

Yes, Injections and scalpels shows the needle that repeatedly penetrates this part of the male body unaccustomed to the blinding lights of Quebec showbiz. On the other hand, the camera blurs the guinea pig’s face and blurs his voice.

The scrotox, for those who are interested, gives a smoother and more relaxed effect to this bag of crumpled skin, in addition to limiting the amount of sweat that comes out.

However, it is necessary to maintain your scrotox every four months, which is not within the reach of all budgets.

This second season ofInjections and scalpels, which began Monday at 7:30 p.m. on Canal Vie (everything can be caught up on the Noovo site), looks even more attractive than the first. The 30-minute shows would swell at an hour, like an upper lip, and no one would complain about it at the College of Physicians. It’s my obsession at the moment, I admit it without any shame.

In the next episode, Laurence, a young woman of 25, asks Dr.r Sami Moubayed to lower his hairline two centimeters on the forehead, an operation that is similar to a scalping or a chapter of a Frankenstein movie.

Host Marie-Claude Savard, 50, who is co-piloting It goes to the post on Énergie 94.3, speaks without embarrassment about the medico-aesthetic treatments she has been receiving for twenty years.

We see the host at her “maintenance appointment” with the Dr Benoît LeBlanc for Botox and fillers. Like what taboos dissolve, one syringe at a time.

Far from blepharoplasties or traditional otoplasty (which corrects protruding ears), the first episode ofInjections and scalpels explores very intimate procedures, including the labiaplasty of Émilie, 33, who lost nearly 180 pounds after bariatric surgery. Émilie doesn’t like her little lips, which she thinks are too long. Their reduction, more and more popular, is practiced under local anesthesia.

Men also care about their appearance. Jessey, 31, a father of two young children, doesn’t like her sagging breasts despite all the hours of pushing cast iron, to forget the shame.

Jessey has gynecomastia and his corrective surgery looks pretty painful, thank you.

Really, this docuseries is well sewn, remains that it lacks crucial details in the episodes: the prices. How much do all these procedures cost? Without revealing the exact amount on the invoice, it would have been nice to display, at a minimum, a price range.

A wrinkle-free scrotum is paid for, and it starts at $800 per session, you will know.

Full-bodied Thursday

The battle for ratings on Thursday at 8 p.m. thickens with the airing of 11e season of Love is in the meadow on Novo. The first episode of the reality show, which was redacted from the problematic contestant, was watched by 403,000 addicts, which affected the performance of Zenith at Radio-Canada, which dropped from 1,009,000 viewers (for its take-off) to 778,000 fans.

At VAT, Hotel remains in the race with its 614,000 followers. To go back to Zeniththe production visibly listens to audience feedback and adjusts.

The English songs have been removed from the karaoke, Vero shouts less into his microphone, the rules become clearer and despite several identical scores of 22, the score has dropped to 19, which bodes well for the rest of the intergenerational competition. .

On the other hand, Patsy Gallant, very good in her planned number, seemed totally destabilized when it came time to jump into the void of the encore. As if no one Zenith had not informed her of the course of the episode. It was very strange to watch. Also, Guylaine Tanguay who takes over COBRA by Marie-Mai, it works!

Completely Frenchie!

So it’s the party, man! The comedy Completely high school of the Noovo chain, which was co-created by Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais and Rosalie Vaillancourt, is being exported to Europe. The Newen Studios box, which exploits the license ofA boy a girl in France, grabbed the adaptation rights for the two seasons of this funny parody of American teen series.

The purpose of the transaction is not to rebroadcast the Quebec episodes as they are, but to recreate them, as Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy did for A boy a girl. And since Newen Studios is owned by TF1, the French equivalent of TVA, chances are that Completely high school radiates on a powerful antenna.

Newen has shown interest in Completely high school at the Canneseries festival last April, where comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt won an award for her portrayal of Allie Thompson, the president of New Garden Hills Valley High School in Chicago, Wisconsin, Nevada.

This is an honor that is not lame at all, on the contrary!

Injections and scalpels | Botox + scrotum = scrotox