The separation was recorded. Jean-Marc Morandini presented, this Friday on NRJ 12, the last of “Crimes and miscellaneous facts: The daily”. Around 3 p.m., the host was on this occasion surrounded by many faces of the show and members of Carson.

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“‘Crimes’ and ‘Legacies’ will continue next season”

These are the last moments of this daily“, announced the 56-year-old host after a final page of publicity. “Normally, it’s the chronicle of Marie Solis at that time“, he launched before the news reporter of the chain takes the floor. “Finally no, we won’t have time for one last column (…) I’ve been with you since almost the beginning of the adventure. I saw all the experts. There have been incredible stories, tragic fates“, she recalled this afternoon. And to add: “It was a pleasure to be with you Jean-Marc every day.”

Jean-Marc Morandini then took care to specify that this last program marked his departure from NRJ 12 “after ten years on the air“.”I am indeed going to other horizons“, he assured. The former figure of Europe 1 said this month to be in negotiations “advancements” with the Canal+ channels for “other program projects”. He also confirmed to keep the animation of “Morandini Live!”, His daily on CNews.

Nevertheless, two of the brands created by Jean-Marc Morandini – the weekly “Crimes” and the magazine “Héritages” – “will continue next season“but without its animator.”I will not animate (them) anymore. You won’t hear my voice anymore either. It will make you a vacation“, he said with an amused look.”My first thought today is for his witnesses who came to this set“, he chained before multiplying the thanks. And the host to conclude: “Stay true to NRJ 12, stay true to ‘Crimes’ and ‘Heritages’. We’ll see you soon, somewhere else. Thank you very much to all and above all until then be invites you to view the sequence.

Not a surprise

This separation is not a surprise. Last November, Jean-Marc Morandini protested live on NRJ 12 against the possible cessation of “Retrouvailles”, a prime-time program he hosted. “If NRJ 12 does not want it, we will do it elsewhere!“, threatened the host. Last February, our colleagues from “Parisian” already announced a possible departure of Jean-Marc Morandini from NRJ 12 at the end of this season.

On this channel, the host presented several brands including “Crimes” or “Heritages” in prime-time, or “Crimes & Miscellaneous” every day at 1:40 p.m. Although Jean-Marc Morandini’s audiences had been on a downward trend for several seasons, they remained overall above the average of NRJ 12 for the entire public, which fell to 1.2% in 2021. The daily “Crimes et fait divers ” displays for example this season, between August 23, 2021 and June 23, 2022, an average of 220,000 followers, or 2.5% of the public. The host was also the last known face of the NRJ 12 grid, after the recent abandonment of reality TV by the channel.

Sent back to court

Last January, Jean-Marc Morandini, 56, was sent back to the Paris Criminal Court for “sexual harassment” and “hidden work“, as part of the 2016 affair known as the web-series “Les Faucons”. 6 years ago, NRJ 12 decided to keep it on the air despite the controversy, unlike Europe 1, a media for which he presented a daily news media for almost 14 years, which had ousted him.

Jean-Marc Morandini bids farewell to NRJ 12