Just Look Up, lyrics and video of the song by Ariana Grande for Don’t Look Up

Ariana Grande is perhaps the only member of the stellar cast of the new Adam McKay film who can compete with the protagonist Leonardo DiCaprio on a global level. The pop star of Dangerous Woman and No Tears Left to Cry is not limited to a simple cameo from the film as a singer idolized by her fans. About her Yours Riley Bina, pop star of global fame which traces his own career and his level of celebrity in a parody and pejorative way, he is the protagonist of a couple of scenes in which he interacts with the protagonists Randall and Kate. In one of these, she replies badly to Leonardo Di Caprio to mind his business!

Riley is on everyone’s lips – even more than the destroying comet – because her love affair with hugely popular rapper DJ Chello (in turn played by well-known rapper Kid Cudi / Scott Mescudi) seems to have come to a break. The media farewell between the two keeps all of America in suspense. The last twists and turns of the push and pull between the two singers overshadow the dramatic announcement of the arrival of a comet that will crash into Earth.


Don’t Look Up

Dr Kate Dibiasky, a trainee at an astronomical observatory, discovers that a space vehicle is aimed at the Earth and will hit it in six months. Together with Dr. Randall Mindy …

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In a soundtrack already full of compelling songs, it stands out an unreleased film made specifically for the film by Ariana Grande. It is called Just Look Up and refers to the movement that tries to convince the earth’s population to become aware of the problem caused by the comet, while a political party invites – as a title – not to look at the sky and not to worry about the comet. Don’t Look Up, Don’t Look Up. The song is more than just a musical addition to the film. In fact, during Don’t Look Up we see Ariana Grande singing the whole concert song with a memorable performance, which also includes Scott Mescudi as the eternal boyfriend DJ Chello.

The most interesting part of the song is though the textwhich becomes almost a parody of certain songs dedicated to noble social or political causes that the stars of American pop often make.

The meaning of Just Look Up, the song by Ariana Grande for Don’t Look Up

When all seems to be turning for the worst, global music stars make a last, desperate attempt to raise ordinary people’s awareness of the impending collision risk by raising money for one last, desperate rescue mission. On stage, Ariana Grande is suspended a few meters from the ground, wrapped in a delicate white dress with a long train and sleeves decorated with feathers. The stadium is very full and thousands of people follow the singer while intoning a song that seems to speak of inevitable difficulties of a love story that never endsin spite of everything:

True love doesn’t die, it holds on tight and never lets you go Just look up! You cannot deny the signs … what you’ve waited for, don’t wait no more. It’s right up above you. Just look up!

In Italian it can be translated more or less like this: true love does not die, it holds on and does not let you go. Look up! You cannot deny the signs … that you are waiting, wait no more. It’s right above you!


Ariana in the scene of the movie where she sings the song Just Look Up
The video of Ariana’s performance in the film is the official one of the song

The passage actually references right to the comet, clearly visible in the sky at this point in the film. The film’s bitter irony suggests that even the impending Apocalypse has become an object of exploitation by the mass media and the culture of celebrity, which permeates everything: even human extinction. An ironic contrast is therefore created between the dramatic situation described, the hysteria of Riley’s fans, the ambiguity of the text which now refers to the story between the singer and her DJ and now to the imminent Apocalypse. The final of the song is fulminating:

Just look up, turn off that shit box news’ cause you’re about to die soon everybody! Look up! Here it comes. I’m so glad I’m here with you forever in your arms.

In Italian it can be translated more or less like this: Look up and turn off that shitty box spitting news, because you will all die soon! Look up, it comes. I am so happy to be here with you, forever in your arms. The song picks up on Kate’s line that has become a meme hit: we’re all going to die, damn it!


The Don’t Look Up soundtrack features a piece by Bon Iver

If the cast of Don’t Look Up is truly stellar, the team behind the making of the soundtrack is no exception. The composer Nicholas Britell, already nominated for two Oscars and winner of an Emmy, he has dealt with both the main pieces of the OST and the piece sung by Ariana Grande, paired with the composer Taura Stinson, also already nominated for an Oscar. Known for his work on the soundtrack of Moonlight, If Beale Street Could Talk from the series Succession, Britell has already collaborated with McKay on the films The Big Bet and Vice.

Britell helped write the song Second Nature, second pop song interpreted by a great of contemporary music, Bon Iver. The song accompanies the bitter closing of the film.

What is the lyrics of the song Just Look Up by Ariana Grande in the movie Don’t Look Up?

The English text of the song reads:

We knew no bounds
Fell at the speed of sound
Riding … Against all odds, But soon against ourselves.
You haunted every memory
With no goodbyes, all bad for me
Your pride put out the fire in our flames
Then just one look is all it takes
I feel your eyes they’re locked on every part of me
Then my dumb heart says …

Just look up
There is no place to hide …
True love doesn’t die, it holds on tight and never lets you go
Just look up!
You cannot deny the signs …
What you’ve waited for, don’t wait no more.
It’s right up above you. Just look up!

(Baby) Know I let you down a n —- can’t deny it (Uh uh)
And there’s so much I could lose and yes that matters (yeah)
I’ve been dealing with madness (yo)
Wasn’t the man you needed
You dealing with sadness
Truthfully it’s all on me
And I’m sorry my love Imma heal your heart
I’ll hold it in my hand
Time is ohh so precious, we don’t really have much left now
Take my hand baby Never leave you Riley

Look up
What he’s really trying to say
Is get your head out of your ass
And listen to the goddamn qualified scientists
We really fucked it up, fucked it up this time
It’s so close I can feel the heat big time
You can act like everything is alright
but this is probably happening in real time
Celebrate, Or cry or pray …

Whatever it takes to get you through the mess that we made!
Cause, tomorrow may never come!

Just look up
Turn off that shit box news
Cause you’re about to die soon everybody!
Look up
Here it comes
I’m so glad I’m here with you
Forever in your arms



What is the title of the song that Ariana Grande sings in Don’t Look Up?

The song, created specifically for the film, is called Just Look Up

Who plays DJ Chello, Ariana Grande’s boyfriend in Don’t Look Up?

US rapper Kid Cudi.

What’s the song on the credits of Don’t Look Up?

Second Nature by Bon Iver: the song was created specifically for the film.

What’s the title of Bon Iver’s song in Don’t Look Up?

Second Nature.

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Just Look Up, lyrics and video of the song by Ariana Grande for Don’t Look Up