La Flamme: A tronista and 13 (crazy) suitors in the new series of Italia 1

UAn irresistible single and a parterre of incredible suitors are the ingredients of La Flammethe comedy TV series starting on Italia 1. It is a parody of programs such as The Bachelor And Men and women. And laughter is guaranteed.

Are you looking for love? Stop. It is in front of you: it is Marc, an airline pilot looking for his soul mate. La Flammethe new comic TV series proposed by Italy 1 in the late evening after The pupa and the nerd, is a parody of reality shows in which true love is sought. The handsome Marc, the protagonist played by Jonathan Cohen, has in front of him 13 contenders from every corner of France ready to woo and conquer him.

A bit like it happens to Men and women, the program of Maria De Filippi, Marc has the opportunity to spend time with each of them. At the end of each episode, however, he must eliminate one. Slowly, as in a cluedothe suitors will be reduced until the moment in which, after nine weeks in a luxurious villa, the woman who will become Mrs. Marc, the co-driver of her life, is chosen.

What is most surprising of La Flammethe new series tv of Italia 1, is the cast. Alongside Cohen, some of the most famous French actresses play: Florence Foresti, Géraldine Nakache, Ana Girardot and Adèle Exarchopoulos. After the extraordinary success at home, La Flamme already has a second season in the pipeline: we will no longer talk about dating shows but about survival shows, those reality shows in which survival is at stake in an exotic and treacherous environment.

The parody of reality shows

Adaptation of the American TV series Burning Love with Ben Stiller, La Flamme consists of 9 episodes of 26 minutes each. The starting idea is simple: to make fun of those reality shows that, born in the 2000s, played on feelings with atmospheres often bordering on hot.

Usually, in such programs there was (and, in many cases, there is) an alpha male, white and arrogant, whose attentions are contested by a dozen would-be companions. The contestants were ready to do anything to get the better of them, even pulling their hair out or bringing out the worst side of themselves. Although looked at with the stench under your nose, reality shows have spread all over the world, taking with them their excesses and their, let us say, inconvenience.

The excesses and hardships of the suitors

And it is precisely on the excesses and inconveniences that he plays La Flamme, the tv series of Italia 1. Everything revolves around the coveted bachelor Marc. As usual, the suitors, one crazier than the other, joke, challenge each other, are chosen or eliminated during the episodes. It also amuses the characterization of the suitors, from the nymphomaniac to the nun.

Although one-dimensional, the female characters surpass one another. Laure Calamy, for example, is Victoire, a devout Christian brought into the reality show by Jesus himself. Camille Chamoux with her Chataléré instead has an obsession for sex while Doria Tiller’s Valérie forgets everything that happens to her, trying to seduce Marc with her quotes full of wisdom. And there is also the character linked to LGBTQ + themes, played by Géraldine Nakache: little interested in Marc, Marina is actually a lesbian. Leïla Bekhti, however, has no rivals like Alexandra, suffering from pathological jealousy and mad aggression: she is in the villa to win and not to joke.

To complete everything, an affable presenter, questionable puns, tests to be overcome, summaries and interviews in the confessional, as in a real reality reality, cannot be missing. Jonathan Coen is perfect in the part of the self-centered (without much brain) Marc as well as the editing of each episode is perfect, with the suitors in shooting waiting for the verdict. So much the parody of La Flamme, the new Italia 1 series, is as smart as Marc is ridiculous. Stupid and arrogant, he is a clown, in the noblest sense of the word.

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La Flamme: A tronista and 13 (crazy) suitors in the new series of Italia 1 – The Wom