La mossa del penguin: the film that “predicted” the Italian success of curling at the Winter Olympics

The comedy La mossa del pinguino dates back to 2014, when the passion for curling in Italy was mocked or, worse, completely unknown.

Olympic discipline since 1998, the curling it is a sport that someone can even trace back to the end of the Middle Ages, placing its birth in Scotland. The first race of which a written record is available is dated 1541, while two paintings by the Dutchman are a couple of decades later. Pieter Bruegel the Elder which portrayed some peasants engaged in running stones on the ice. Commercial travel between Scotland and Holland was frequent at the time, and cultural exchanges are presumed to have brought this cold-season pastime to the continent as well. A demonstration of the game had already taken place at the 1924 Winter Olympics, only later retroactively registered as an official competition. The victory of Italy at the games of Beijing 2022with a amazing gold medal won by Stefania Constantini And Amos Mosaner competing in pairs, it was the first time ever on the podium of the curling for our country.

In 2014, however, a pleasant Italian comedy had already taken an interest in this sport, for a good period too mocked both by the most celebrated winter sports athletes and by the passionate spectators of games on snow and ice. The penguin movewhich tells the story of four Romans improvising curling players complete with an Olympic dream, it marked the directorial debut of Claudio Amendola with a story written by Michele Alberico And Giulio Di Martino to which the director himself contributed together with Edorado Leo. The latter is the protagonist along with Ricky Memphis, Antonello Fassari, Ennio Fantastichini And Francesca Inaudi. Own Edoardo Leo he complimented by commenting on the victory of Costantini And Mosaner writing that “it was all expected”.

There is not only curling in The penguin move. The story stands out to talk about friendship, competition, ambitions, redemption and responsibility. The film shows a farcical facade only to those who want to stop at the surface, but the film rightfully stands on the podium of approval for its authorial choices and the fair play with which it presents itself to the public.

La mossa del pinguino: plot and trailer of the Italian film about curling

An unlikely group of friends decide to throw themselves headlong into an undertaking destined to completely change their lives. Bruno (Edoardo Leo) is a good husband and a great father, but he is also an extremely unreliable man. His ideas are strange and inappropriate. He is a precarious one, as is his friend Savior (Ricky Memphis), and together they work in a museum in the capital where they clean floors.
One night, by chance watching on television an advertisement for a sport they did not know existed, curling, one of his thoughts comes to mind: setting up a team to try to participate in the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics. the requirements must, however, be four. So they add to them Octavius (Ennio Fantastichini), former traffic policeman very good at playing bowls, and Nazareno, the best at billiards (Antonello Fassari). Nobody believes in them and Bruno’s wife in the least, Eva (Francesca Inaudi), does not approve of this decision at all and Yuri, his son, thus finds himself having to once again be the adult instead of his father. Despite the bad conditions, the group still manages to qualify. To participate, however, Bruno used the money from the deposit for a rented house where he has to move with his family.

The move of the penguin: video interviews with Leo, Fassari, Memphis, Inaudi, Fantastichini and Amendola

On the occasion of the movie release of The Penguin Move, we had made video interviews with the cast and director. You can find them below divided into Edoardo Leo, Antonello Fassari And Ricky Memphis in the first video e Francesca Inaudidirector Claudio Amendola and the lamentation Ennio Fantastichini in the second video.

La mossa del penguin: the film that “predicted” the Italian success of curling at the Winter Olympics