“Le Iene”, because Teo Mammucari is no longer there: the official reason

The absence of Teo Mammucari during the last episode of Le Iene, which aired on January 24, it made a lot of noise. And, as always, a thousand hypotheses (some quite surreal) about the possible reason for such a striking lack were not slow to arrive. After all, it was to be expected, given the success of the Italia 1 program also due to the now well-established couple Belen-Mammucari. After days of rumors it was Mediaset itself that released a official statementto silence the rumors once and for all.

Why Teo Mammucari does not return to “Le Iene”

When Teo Mammucari did not enter the de Hyenas last January 24, viewers were literally taken aback. The couple formed together with Belen Rodríguez is now a certainty for the Italia 1 show and asudden absence as this has inevitably dropped the shadow of suspicion regarding the fate of the conductor.

The hypotheses were not long in comingby those who thought that the Mammucari flat rate was linked to a health problem up to those who – in a rather surreal way – hypothesized that there could be gods friction with Belen. Hypothesis far from reality, given the relationship of friendship and deep esteem that binds them (it was the conductor a strongly want Belen to run de Hyenas). In addition, the entries collected by were also added TV Blogsaccording to which the problem was upstream, caused by differences between Mammucari and the program itself.

Mediaset itself took care of putting a stop to the rumors, which released a official statement: “As expected and in agreement with Mediaset, Teo Mammucari, after exactly 12 months at the helm of Hyenas with Belen Rodriguez, he will dedicate himself to new television experiences with Italia 1, a network that has several new entertainment projects in the works. The conduct of the next episodes of the Hyenas will be entrusted to the current regular guest Max Angioni who, with a gradual change of role, will support Belen at the helm. Mediaset thanks Mammucari for the guaranteed contribution over the years to one of the most well-known and successful programs on Italian TV, and wishes Max Angioni a good continuation of work: the actor made his debut on Le Iene this year and has already shown perfect harmony with the language and style of the program ”.

Who is Max Angioni, new conductor of “Le Iene” together with Belen

No friction or divergence, therefore, but only the end of a working relationship that leaves room for the conductor’s future projects. To support Belen a Hyenastrying to fill the void left by Mammucari, Max Angioni will take care of it, who is actually a face already familiar to viewers of Italia 1 (and not only).

Born in 1990Angioni dedicated himself to acting from a very young age and in 2019 he became one of the emerging faces of Italian comedy, thanks to his participation in Zelig Time. In the program demonstrates his talent and his creativity, conquering the public with characters such as John Snow (parody of Game of thrones) and Aquaman (burlesque imitation of the character played in the cinema by Jason Momoa).

To confirm the success of Max Angioni in the eyes of the general public, however, is first the participation of the comedian a Italy’s Got Talentt (where he conquers the podium) and then in the second season of LOL: Whoever laughs is out. Finally, the presence as a regular guest a Hyenasthe show in which is preparing to debut in the unprecedented guise of conductor.

“Le Iene”, because Teo Mammucari is no longer there: the official reason