Legislative 2022: the bad buzz of the Youth campaign clip with Macron

A clip that goes wrong. On Wednesday June 15, Les Jeunes avec Macron published a video in which they projected themselves into the scenario of a victory for Nupes in the legislative elections, which would result in the cancellation of the main character’s vacation in Marrakech.

“Sunday, June 19. 8 p.m. LFI wins the legislative elections and for the first time, an extremist party wins the majority in the National Assembly“, begins the video. The camera then focuses on a young woman walking in the streets of Paris. On her phone, she receives many notifications from news sites like RTLFrance Info or Release who warn against the “changes that could happen following the victory in the legislative elections of LFI” and other bills adopted in the hemicycle.

We then understand that the heroine is going to leave for three days in Marrakech next October… until she learns that “the Ministry of Ecology announces the abolition of low-cost flights outside France outside Europe from October 1. “But it’s not possible!” Exclaims the confused young woman who sees her weekend in Marrakech canceled because of the Nupes reforms. The notifications are multiplying, explaining that despite the “restoration of the ISF, the poor have never been so poor”, or that a “project of disobedience to the European Union has been presented” to the Assembly. A video that caused a lot of reaction on social networks before being deleted from the JAM account.

In a twitter threadYoung people with Macron also explained: “We are deleting this video in view of the hate messages that followed, in particular towards image activists. We regret the misappropriation of the main message : call on voters to say no to extremes and to give a strong majority to the President of the Republic”.

The SDJ of Radio France has “approved the removal of this video”, in particular because of the use of the name of media for political propaganda purposes without having requested their authorization in advance. Indeed, “the dissemination of false information for political purposes (…) maintains a dangerous climate of suspicion towards journalists”, writes the SDJ.

The video sparked reactions from Internet users and elected officials

On the side of Internet users, the reactions were numerous, the #Marrakech thus appearing in the Twitter trends. A user, for example, had fun taking an extract from the film Cursed grass with Alain Chabat who launches : “I am disappointed, disappointed, what am I disappointed! I am deeply disappointed! Even very very disappointed”.

“The typical youth for Young People with Macron is a Parisian / urbanite whose biggest concern would be not being able to go to Marrakech on the weekend because of an ecological law of Nupes…”, writes the journalist Nils Wilcke on Twitterwhich recounts the reactions of elected Macronists who speak of “a disaster“. “Marrakech, seriously? Anything”can we read on his Twitter account which takes up the words of an “elected official who “rows” to “fetch” the voters, adding that “we don’t need this bullshit”.

“Thank you for this great parody! Between Marrakech and your fake news, you just forgot the end of the world and the invasion of locusts, but it doesn’t matter!”, reacted the Young Insoumis on Twitter. For his part, the possible successor of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in Marseille, Manuel Bompard interrogates : “Can someone explain to the JAM that Macron is disobeying certain European rules and that he has never tabled a bill for this? Thank you for them, because there they seem a bit like fools”he berates.

A video parodied by the socialists

As for the socialists, they parodied the video of Emmanuel Macron’s supporters in a clip which begins in the same way, on a black background, with the inscription: “Sunday June 19. 8 p.m. Together! is obliged to ally with LR to obtain a majority”. A young woman is sitting at her desk and receives news alerts “retirement at 65”, “climate inaction”, “a new minister indicted”, “towards the end of public broadcasting” or even “heat wave episode in March”.

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Legislative 2022: the bad buzz of the Youth campaign clip with Macron