Les Inconnus: here are the 10 best parodies of the essential trio

In the 1990s, the Inconnus made millions of viewers laugh thanks to their parody show “La télé des Inconnus” where the trio presented sketches forever etched in the collective memory. And here is the list of their 10 essential parodies.

Three comedians who have become cults. “Youpi Matin”, “Perdu de recherche”, “Fort Boyaux”… As many as sketches that marked the 1990s. Les Inconnus – alias Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan and Pascal Legitimus – were the champions of parodies, at the Like Dummies. And ten of them marked their time.

Question for dough

Parody of the game show “Questions for a champion”, this sketch sees Didier Bourdon embody Philippe, a one-armed candidate who has no choice but to use his face to press the buzzer. And be careful, it will bleed!

Gag Video

A parody of the “Video Gag” show, hosted at the time by Bernard Montiel, the sketch depicts a family who tries everything to win the prize awarded to the best video. And too bad if a baby has to pay the price.

Top 50

A parody of the musical program “Top 50”, we find an overly enthusiastic host in the middle of an interview with blazed musicians, interspersed with two clips, the first of Cans of oil (parody of Forbans), and the second a cover of the Zoubida by The Cure. An entire program.

Yippee Morning

Parody of “Télématin”, the sketch sees a very tired host welcoming columnists who are just as tired. If they do their best to look good, an accident can happen quickly when you’re not awake.

The police station

In this parody of a television report on a Parisian police station, the trio plays with preconceived ideas about the police in a series of incredible situations. Legendary.


A parody of the sports department of France Télévisions, and commentators of athletics competitions. They also have fun with delight, French sportsmen. But that doesn’t concern us!

Fort Casings

Sophie Davant actively participates in this parody of Fort Boyard where each event is an opportunity to push the limits of stupidity. And pocket the loot.

Lost of research

A parody of the program “Perdu de vue” hosted by Jacques Pradel, the trio skillfully pokes fun at the exploitation of emotions on television through the story of an amnesiac man who finds his family after a terrible accident. Take out the tissues.


A parody of the famous show “Club Dorothée” and the Japanese series “Bioman”, this sketch plays with the poverty of the scripts of programs intended for children, and the greed of the world of entertainment.

The hunters

Absolutely unavoidable (and still relevant?), the sketch of the hunters is a monument of humor created by Les Inconnues.

Bonus: Jesus Christ II

We had to dare, combine Sylvester Stallone and the Bible. The Unknowns have done it, in a sketch that scratches the way of the influence of American culture through cinema.

Les Inconnus: here are the 10 best parodies of the essential trio