“Let him close it a bit”: Cyril Hanouna puts Nicolas Bedos in his place after a harsh remark

Cyril Hanouna did not hesitate to take out his fangs to defend his television group, criticized by Nicolas Bedos. And the host’s criticisms are harsh.

This Monday, October 31, 2022, Cyril Hanouna wanted to react to his columnists on a sequence from the show what timeduring which, Ragnar Le Breton heavily criticized the world of television. Indeed, for the comedian, the processing of information carried out by the channels darkens the morale of the French, sometimes even making them “racists”. He then takes the example of his grandmother “who lives in Brittany and who does not have access to certain information that happens in Paris, she watches BFMTV, she becomes racist, it’s a reality”.

At his side, Nicolas Bedos then reacts tit for tat: “So if she goes on CNews, I’m not telling you,” he says, referring to certain accusations about the news channel, which explain that the television group would display its political opinions on television. A punchline that made the guests of Léa Salamé’s show laugh. But this remark does not at all please Cyril Hanounasince C8 is part of the same group as CNews. “Well there was the valve of Nicolas Bedos, who will not forget to call Canal + to ask for money to finance his films”he starts by letting go.

Cyril Hanouna: “Let him not forget to call me to come and defend him”

Cyril Hanouna continues: “Don’t forget to call me so that I can come and defend him. Afterwards, it’s Nicolas, we like him like that with his little valves but let him close it a little”. That is what is said. A way to knock out the words of the director and to defend the television group. Remarks by Cyril Hanouna, which were applauded by the columnists who did not hesitate to laugh at the host’s attacks on the filmmaker.

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“Let him close it a bit”: Cyril Hanouna puts Nicolas Bedos in his place after a harsh remark