Mad Heidi is a mix of madness and irreverent irony. The review!

A new irreverent mix of comedy, genre film and parody of Hollywood mainstream narration presented at the Science + Fiction Festival in Trieste

The dystopia speaks in Swiss, and does so in Mad Heidia hilarious genre filmirreverent, chaotic and at times very stupid but with that stupidity that sometimes serves and does well in the cinema, especially when it is perfectly aware of it.
Mad Heidi by Johannes Hartmann and Sandro Klopfstein was triumphantly received at the Science + Fiction Festival this 2022in a preview that at the Miela Theater drew applause, laughter and above all ovations for her for a long time, Alice LucyEnglish actress of Italian and Spanish origins making her big screen debut, who plays a rather strange version of the famous Swiss shepherdess.
Needless to say, the whole obviously winks at the saga of Iron Sky, in fact still today undefeated in claiming both the identity of the films created by Troma, and of the whole universe of genre films, b-movies, scutl and the like that made the 80s incredibly imaginative, colorful and irreverent. All qualities that Mad Heidi can claim from the first to the last minuteentertaining and helping a cinema concession as guilty pleasure without fear and without care, which does not take itself seriously and for this reason is much more to be taken seriously than those who do it in the hall, especially in mainstream cinema.

Mad Heidi it is a mix of madness and irreverent irony

Mad Heidi is set in a Switzerland that is perfectly in line with a dystopia halfway between the serious and the facetiouswhich clearly connects to the Wolfenstein saga, to ucronia, in general to the not so politically absurd idea, that the land of cuckoo clocks, cheese and chocolate, Hitler’s eye has always winked willingly .
It is not necessary to be a graduate in history to know how deep were the links between the Nazi regime, but in general all totalitarian regimes, and the banking system of what remains the symbol of neutrality, and for this paradoxically also of a certain way of taking sides in the world. Dominated by the cheesy dictatorship of the ruthless President Meili (do you remember Casper Van Dien of Starship Troopers? Here is him), the quintessential tax haven revolves around a cheese dictatorship that makes life’s Heidi (Alice Lucy) and the combative grandfather Alpohi (David Schofield) a hell of terror. Bloodthirsty hierarchs like the Commander Knorr (Max Rüdlinger) And Dr. Dr. Schwitzgebel (Pascal Ulli) will force the mountaineer after the murder of her boyfriend to become a sort of Valkyrie, fighting against a dictatorship that doesn’t care about cholesterol and those who are allergic to lactose.

A film with a thousand souls and a thousand purposes

Mad Heidi is produced by Timo Vuorensolathat with Iron Sky it has achieved considerable successespecially if you calculate the lack of neutrality of such an irreverent narrative universe and also wanting not very politically correct.
Born from a totally independent crowfunding project, this film combines the splatter component with that of a grotesque and ironic comedy, it sends political contents that are anything but secondary, as in full Vuorensola traditionmore than the rest he has always tried to make people laugh by talking about serious things at the same time.
The cast is a perfect mix of rookies still unknown on the big screen, above all the protagonist Alice Lucy, and of fairly iconic faces of independent cinemaover all Casper Van Dien, one of those who could have had a career in Hollywood of the first magnitude, but for some strange reason instead he has been spending a lifetime in projects of this type. If it was good or bad, you should ask him, what here he gives us a villain who winks with amused gusto at many dictators that seriously or fake have populated the big and small screen for decades. Likewise, the rest of the fascist crew is also a mix of tributes and quotesbut can claim a nice personality.

You joke but not too much


From Kill Bill to Bastards without gloryto, from a pearl like That Dirty Dozen to the best of the videogame or chronic world, Mad Heidi it guides us into an excessive, smashing, colorful and aesthetically very interesting universe. The only doubt that can grab a lot in the meantime, and how much in the end together you risk becoming quite redundant, not to say overload from the narrative point of view, with characters appearing and then disappearing without any line of continuity.
In addition to violence, also nude sequences are frequent who also wink at Italian sexy cinema, as well as that porn, to a vision of sexuality, which we know is very particular in Swiss society. And Switzerland comes out with quite broken bones, apparently glorified by a destruction of the stereotypes that grip it, in reality it is targeted by this film, that the thing of provincialism, Raz del with Compose reaction in intolerant that emerges in more than one sequence Indovinatissima and hilarious.

The scenes are a mix of irreverence and parody, deconstruction of the macho aesthetic of our days, but also of a Girl Power that has become increasingly banal, toxic, of which Heidi becomes a good or evil symbol in the funniest moments which are also those in which an aesthetic dimension emerges that winks to Rodriguez, Anderson and associates.

Direction – 3

Screenplay – 3.5

Photography – 3.5

Acting – 3

Sound – 3

Emotion – 3.5

Mad Heidi is a mix of madness and irreverent irony. The review!