Make it spin, a cry for freedom in the form of an action comedy: Giampaolo Morelli presents the film from today on Prime Video

Make it turn, the second directorial film by Giampaolo Morelli arrives today exclusively on Prime Video and is a wild comedy with an ensemble cast. The director and performers Ciro Priello, Fabio Balsamo, Laura Adriani and Giovanni Esposito tell us about it.

If in 7 hours to make you fall in love, Giampaolo Morelli had chosen the path of romantic comedy, setting the story in his beloved Naples but also taking into account the Hollywood lesson, with Let it spinwhich is his second direction, the actor wanted to venture into action comedy territory, directing an undoubtedly more complex film than the first in which martial arts scenes coexist, daring escapes, a theft in the Vatican, a diabolical plan and the right romance.

Let it spin arrives today exclusively on Prime Videos and takes us to the pool house of a named influencer Nathan. Due to a ridiculous accident, Nathan he plummets from riches to rags and, together with a penniless journalist, an autistic brother, an undercover cop and a friendly drug dealer, embarks on a crusade to give the world back marijuana. Once the guarantee of happiness, cannabis was killed by a virus, but two plants were left unharmed. Naples is the background to the story and we are in the not too distant future.

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Besides the same Giampaolo Morelliin Let it spin we find Fabio Balsam And Cyrus Priello Of The Jackal, John Esposito, Michael Placido And Laura Adriani. They were all present at the press conference and Morelli first spoke about the idea of ​​the film, which he wrote the screenplay with Gianluca Ansanelli And Tito Buffulini: “We wanted a trigger that would take us to a near future in which the extinction of marijuana represents an attack on freedom. This idea certainly has connections with what we have experienced in times of Covid, starting with conspiracy theories. In such a context, social networks also find themselves playing an important role, together with the presumption that there is a conspiracy behind everything, which can thus be refuted.Such a premise gave us the opportunity to make an action comedy in which to merge two cultures : the Italian/Neapolitan one, which belongs to me, and that of the American action cinema of the 80s and 90s.The latter suggestion influenced the photography of the film, prompting me to use a certain type of color, to shoot in anamorphic and to choose a music that mixes electronics, always from the eighties and nineties, with other sonorities of the time”.

Unlike many comedies, Let it spin left little room for improvisation, especially on set, since Giampaolo Morelli right from the start, he was well aware of the type of film he wanted to make: “I really care that it doesn’t get too messy on the set and I never like out of place comedy, so we did a painstaking job, when writing the screenplay, on the comedy and jokes If I called Fabio Balsam And Cyrus PrielloI did it not because I wanted to The Jackal, but because they seemed to me the most suitable performers for the characters of Orestes And William. It is normal that usually, during the reading phase, things come up that maybe are added to the script, but on the set there is rarely room for improvisation. In this case then, we wanted to start from a very precise structure, which is that of the genre to which the film belongs”.

The setting of Giampaolo Morelli he has not displeased anyone, starting with the two Jackaland if Fabio Balsamo, already directed in 7 hours to make you fall in lovesaid he felt free to propose small changes to the character, Cyrus Priellowho is used to mostly slapstick comedy, explained: “Together with Giampaolo we have arrived at coherent proposals for each character. Mine was a man who tried to internalize his feelings and repress his impulses. We tried to contain him as much as possible, given his fear of being judged by others, and then let him explode.”

Of William alias the journalist sent by his editorial staff to interview Nathan, Priello made a very interesting analysis. “William he’s the least over the top character in the film, and so it’s only natural that he’s constantly at odds with the others. Like them, however, he is a lonely man who, during the eventful journey we are telling, will perhaps have for the first time in his adult life and in this dystopian future, a true human relationship of sharing.

Less simple, perhaps, was the work of Balm on his clumsy, likeable and “soft” pusher, because the character was strongly characterized and turning him into a caricature was therefore very easy, even if the most difficult work fell to John Esposito, who got the part of the “little crackpot” in the film. “I can only say that I had a great time” – he said right Esposito. “Arthur Tancredi it was madness already in writing, then it became an applied and amusing madness on the set. I love madly Arthur because he’s completely out of his mind. He’s ‘disadvantaged’, but he possesses incredible humanity.”

Those who just could not contain laughter during filming is Laura Adrianithe policewoman who pretends to be a follower of the influencer Nathan to catch a crime and drug kingpin played by Leopoldo Mastelloni. “My colleagues” – told the actress, referring to Priello, Balm, Esposito And Morelli, they are crazy, and above all they were all men. Everyone had their own approach to work, so it was nice to be lulled into their craziness and also into their masculinity. One thing they have been able to do, in particular Giampaolo: make me blush”.

There are several themes that Let it spin faces, starting with the freedom of which the destruction of cannabis is the denial. From an anarchist spirit, Giampaolo Morelli it links men’s unhappiness to the deprivation of the possibility of choice. Furthermore, being also a person who tends not to judge others, he does ridicule influencers, but does not accuse them of being harmful individuals: “Let it spin it is not a criticism of social networks and influencers, also because Nathan gives us a different interpretation when it states that the filters are not only those of Instagram. For him, everything is a filter, from the make-up girls use to the way we dress or talk. And if we use filters, it is because, if we showed ourselves as we are, we would inevitably be disappointing. And in fact, when we present ourselves to others, we always do it in our best guise. As for my relationship with social media, I started with great enthusiasm, then I gave up a little, because all that bombardment of ostentatious happiness stunned me, even if it was a series of snapshots of a moment. Social media brings us closer, there is no doubt, and we have seen it with Covid, but I believe it is necessary, and we really need it, to return to human contact”.

As a Neapolitan actor and director, who however moved to Rome, Giampaolo Morelli he cannot fail to mention his city, which is another character in his films as a director: “Above all in comedies, we Italians are afraid to claim our identity, because we fear that if a film is liked in Naples, then it is not liked in Milan, or if they like it in Milan, then it doesn’t like it in Sicily, which I believe is absolutely false. I think that giving a film a strong identity amplifies its potential. In American comedies, the place where you are is always mentioned : we are in New York, we are in Boston, we are in Chicago. It is repeated over and over again, and the city is continually photographed, and this makes everything very true and much more credible. We too should do this, by ceasing to resort to so-called places places. Moreover, Naples is experiencing a moment of great growth. It was not like this when with i Manetti Bros. we turned Song’e Napule. When I lived in Naples and was at university, I walked around the historic center and imagined film scenes, so I’m really pleased that my city is now a large open-air set”.

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Make it spin, a cry for freedom in the form of an action comedy: Giampaolo Morelli presents the film from today on Prime Video