Marco Damilano is a problem, Rai employees: “They ask us for sacrifices, then they pay an outsider”

The arrival on Rai3 of the former director of L’Espresso stirs the first controversies of internal journalists, who protest against the CEO Carlo Fuortes.

Marco Damilano in Rai is already discussing. It’s only been a few hours sinceannouncement of the arrival of the former director of L’Espresso on Rai3 with a daily strip from next September at 20.35, but it is already clear that it will not be easy to make the company’s employees digest the decision of the CEO Carlo Fuortes. With a UsigRai press release, the journalists’ union, challenged Fuortes for hiring an external journalist despite the enhancement of names within the company:

Once again the company has recourse to an external journalist for the information. The arrival of Marco Damilano is only the latest case. At a time when CEO Carlo Fuortes asks for sacrifices from the interns, it seems paradoxical that suddenly there is money to pay the former editor of L’Espresso, who is an external journalist, therefore with an increase in costs for the company. How did the choice of Damilano come about? Did the director Mario Orfeo evaluate the curricula of the interiors before resorting to an outsider? Furthermore, the logic of overlapping the schedule of the information strip scheduled at 20:35 on Raitre, with Tg2 broadcasting at the same time, is not understood. road to internal competition that does not benefit the information product of Rai.Freelance, external journalists, external conductors, this is not the path of the Public Service.

The timetable node of A place in the sun

The space entrusted to Marco Damilano, who at the moment does not yet have a title, will last ten minutes, resolving upstream what seemed to be the main problem ever since a daily information strip on Rai3 began to be hypothesized: the time of Un Posto al Sole. The historic soap, broadcast at 8.45pm for many years, should not undergo a significant time change, however a slip of a few minutes there could be by virtue of a mandatory commercial between the Damilano program and UPAS.

On the other hand, it is the very presence of the soap set in Naples that makes a project of this type possible in some way, in consideration of the fact that Un Posto al Sole is able to drive any program that precedes it, with a consistent growth of public on Rai3 in the minutes preceding the soap. It will be penalized to exit What Next? by Geppi Cucciari (which not surprisingly ends with a parody of Un Posto al Sole) or any program broadcast in that same band, as happened last year with the alternation with Via dei Matti number 0.

Will Damilano also continue with La7?

Another criticality of Marco Damilano’s arrival lies in the characteristics of his agreement with Rai, which will be clarified in the future. The former editor of L’Espresso will have an exclusive with Viale Mazzini, or will your fixed commitment in the Mentana marathons and Propaganda Live continue? The latter option is unlikely, but not impossible if we consider Damilano’s historical link with La7. If this were to be the case, Rai information would be heavily penalized and could be a risk. One thing is certain, the first novelty of the Rai 2022-2023 schedules is already a problem.

Marco Damilano is a problem, Rai employees: “They ask us for sacrifices, then they pay an outsider”