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Many fans were thrilled to see the words “Thor Will Return” at the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, and now they’re eagerly awaiting an announcement about Thor 5. The evolution the character has gone through because of his adventures. in the MCU, and especially for Taika Waititi’s particular approach in his films, is quite interesting to think about. Before Thor, he was a well-known and legendary Marvel Comics hero, but nowhere near as universally beloved as Spider-Man or the X-Men.

However, now Thor is definitely one of the best superheroes out there. While he’s been on iconic teams in the Avengers movies and TV shows, he’s also starred in several of his own projects. Most come from Chris Hemsworth’s tenure in the role, but there are other animation appearances to consider as well. Of the nine projects in which Thor has served as the titular protagonist, here’s how IMDb reviewers rated them.

9 Thor: Tales From Asgard – 6.2

The animated film, Thor: Tales of Asgard, is currently in last place, but still with a relatively respectable rating. It’s still considered one of Marvel Comics’ best animated films, featuring Thor as a teenage hero. Although often defined and recognized by his trusty hammer, Mjølnir, Thor: Tales of Asgard instead focuses on his search for the lost sword of Surtur.

He’s joined by his classic allies Sif, the Warriors Three, and even Loki, but they must contend with one of his most prolific villains, Amora the Enchantress. The movie actually came out in 2011 to coincide with Thor and while it’s obviously not part of the MCU, it’s compelling to understand its complicated relationship with Loki’s.

8 Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers – 6.3

One of the most exciting ventures Marvel Comics has undertaken on the animation front is their use of animated comics, which really bring the pages to the screen. Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers is a prime example. Over the course of four episodes, he follows Loki as he becomes king of Asgard, and he has to come to terms with his relationship with Thor when Hela asks for the latter’s soul.

Since it primarily focuses on Loki, despite his name being second in the title, Thor is more or less relegated to his classic portrayal without much nuance. However, the appealing visuals that bring the comics to life certainly make Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers quite exciting.

7 Thor: Love and Thunder – 6.7

Interestingly, Thor: Love and Thunder is currently the lowest-rated MCU Thor movie, which might come as a surprise to many fans. Twitter was positively alive when it premiered in July, with fans sharing their reactions and thoughts. Many loved it for the jovial, light-hearted tone, while others viewed it – and Taika Waititi’s approach in turn – as a negative. They want Thor to be classically too serious and not a lovable goofball.

Although it has its disconcerting elements, Thor: Love and Thunder is definitely a fun and entertaining film. The humor shines through and it was great to see Natalie Portman lift a reformed Mjølnir as Mighty Thor. Plus, audiences were gifted with one of the MCU’s best villains, Gorr the God Butcher, played by Christian Bale. Above all, Thor: Love and Thunder sets up intriguing possibilities for future MCU projects beyond Thor 5, including projects for Hercules, Valkyrie, and the Mighty Thor.

6 Thor: The Dark World – 6.8

What’s surprising about the placement of Thor: Love and Thunder is that it sits below Thor: The Dark World, which is sadly widely considered one of the lesser-loved MCU films. Due to the poor response to Thor’s movie and upcoming feature film, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Hemsworth was questioning his future in the MCU. Fortunately, Thor: Ragnarok was able to limit these errors.

Thor: The Dark World is still a very redeeming and thrilling movie, though, like its predecessor, it’s largely down to Tom Hiddleston’s outstanding performance as Loki. Nonetheless, it marks an important moment for the MCU, as it’s the film that officially introduces the Infinity Stones and thus sets the stage for Thanos’ imminent arrival.

5 Hulk vs. Thor – 6.9

One of Thor’s best pairings is, of course, with one of the few heroes able to rival him for the title of The Strongest Avenger, Hulk. Hulk vs. Thor, as the name suggests, pits the two powers against each other thanks to the mischievous machinations of Loki. Not only does it focus on the relationship between Thor and Loki, but also that between the Hulk and Bruce Banner, with the two personalities temporarily living in separate bodies.

Hulk vs. Thor is associated with Hulk vs. Wolverine, as they dated as Hulk vs. which is also one of Marvel’s highest rated animated films. The former couple fighting and working together have been shown many times in the MCU, so hopefully that will soon be possible for Hulk and Wolverine.

4 Thor – 7.0

Compared to other inaugural MCU films like Iron Man and Captain America: First Avenger, Thor is quite unique. Director Kenneth Branagh infused the film with a grandiose and practically Shakespearean aura, paving the way for what future performances would look like. Interestingly, the entire city of New Mexico was built specifically for Thor, which some consider dull compared to the beauty created for Asgard.

Compared to the original MCU films, Thor is definitely at the top of the list because it didn’t regurgitate the same formula or scheme and really expanded the kinds of stories the MCU could tell. Hemsworth quickly showed that he was a perfect fit for the role, but was clearly overshadowed by Hiddleston’s Loki. As gods, they might be difficult to interpret, but Thor seductively humanizes them without diminishing their power.

3 Team Thor: Part 2 – 7.4

Immediately after Captain America: Civil War, many fans were asking where Thor was and why he wasn’t involved at all. They had to wait a bit to find out, but when they did, it was in the coolest way possible. As part of Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi also made some fun one-shots showing Thor avoiding trouble while living with his new roommate Darryl.

They emulated his hilarious film What We Do In The Shadows in their mockumentary format. The second, Team Thor: Part 2 was released as an extra on the Doctor Strange Blu-ray and featured Thor and Darryl cleaning out their apartment. Darryl returned in a third hit, Team Darryl and even in Thor: Love and Thunder as a resident of New Asgard.

2 Team Thor: Part 1 – 7.9

Team Thor, the first of three shorts, was released on the Captain America: Civil War Blu-ray and introduces Darryl to the MCU. It’s definitely one of Marvel’s funniest one-shots and was a great way to integrate fans into Waititi’s special take on the character and tone of Thor: Ragnarok. Mark Ruffalo also featured, and Thor was shown not to be invited to participate in the battles of Captain America: Civil War.

Interestingly, while these are just simple and fun, they kinda mess up the timeline. Thor taking a superhero break in Australia and settling down with a random roommate makes sense, but Bruce Banner isn’t there. Thor: Ragnarok makes it clear what happens to him after Avengers: Age of Ultron.

1 Thor: Ragnarok – 7.9

It’s not really a surprise to see Thor: Ragnarok at the top of the Thor projects. The movie is definitely front and center for the MCU as a whole and made many fans really fall in love with Hemsworth as Thor, while clearly showing the range of powers he possesses.

What also made Thor: Ragnarok shine was its use of the Hulk – in part adapting the planet Hulk – and introducing Valkyrie, Korg, and the Grandmaster. In part, expectations played a large role in the response to Thor: Ragnarok. Many didn’t expect to be blown away by the creativity and ingenuity after its previous appearances, but even without those standards, Thor: Ragnarok would still have the top spot – it’s so good.

Marvel: 9 Best Thor Movies & TV Shows, Ranked According To IMDb | Pretty Reel