Massimo Lopez’s 70 years: from the Trio to the successes between theater and TV

Born on 11 January 1952, the actor, voice actor, comedian and imitator achieved success with the famous artistic partnership with Tullio Solenghi and Anna Marchesini. Many of his theatrical works and participation in television programs. Here are the most important stages of his career

Massimo Lopez turns 70. Born in Ascoli Piceno on 11 January 1952, he has a long artistic career behind him that ranges from acting to imitations, from dubbing to conducting on TV. He owes his great popularity to the partnership with Anna Marchesini and Tullio Solenghi, with whom he was part of the famous Trio. Here are the milestones in his career.

Success with the Trio

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At the age of 11, Lopez moved with his family to Rome, then studied at the Scuola del Teatro Stabile in Genoa. In the early years of his career he worked a lot in the theater, making his debut in 1975 with Il fu Mattia Pascal, alongside Giorgio Albertazzi. In 1982 he founded the theater group renamed Il Trio with Solenghi and Marchesini. After the radio success with the program Helzapoppin, the three are hired to appear on the TV show Tastomatto, in 1985, alongside Pippo Franco. Many of their most famous sketches were born in that period, such as parodies of fake news, commercials and quizzes. They participated in 40 episodes of the 85/86 edition of Sunday In and took part in Fantastic 7. The famous satirical sketch that caused a diplomatic incident with Iran is from that season. The three mocked the sale of American weapons to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Solenghi played Ayatollah Khomeini, Lopez was Ronald Reagan and Anna Marchesini played the mother of the Iranian leader. In Tehran there were protests and the case was closed only after two months thanks to the mediation of the Farnesina. However, the Trio even appeared in an article on Variety and he was invited to some shows in the USA and Argentina.

From Sanremo to the parody of the Betrothed


Anna Marchesini, portrait of the actress of the Trio with Solenghi and Lopez

Lopez, Solenghi and Marchesini therefore participate in three editions of the Sanremo Festival (1986, 1987 and 1989). They get excellent feedback both on TV and in their theatrical shows (to remember Fasten your seat belts And In the beginning it was the trio). In 1990, The Trio touches perhaps the most successful point of his career thanks to the famous parody de The betrothed, broadcast by Rai 1 in five episodes with audience peaks of 17 million spectators. Between 1994 and 1995 the three decide to separate even if over the years they have occasionally collaborated again, as in the famous return to the screens of 2008 with the transmission No more half-season.

The solo career

In 1994 Massimo Lopez plays one of the most famous advertisements of the last decades. In the Sip (and later Telecom) commercial, he is a death row inmate who asks to make a last phone call in front of the firing squad, the famous “call that extends your life”. The series of commercials, which ran until 1999, garnered numerous awards. In recent years Lopez has been the host and protagonist of numerous TV programs on Rai and Mediaset (Maximum listening, Seriously, I spoilsters, Fantastica italiana). He also participates in numerous television dramas (he is among the protagonists in Classmates and even plays a part in Beautiful). Back to work with Solenghi on TV (Max & Tux) and in the theater (The strange couple). The two lead together Strip the news in 2005.

The last years

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Back in the theater with Hi Frankie, a tribute to Sinatra which was also staged in the USA and in 2010 won the Alberto Sordi Golden Lectern award. On TV, in 2007 Lopez participated in dancing with the Stars and in the same year he also successfully returned to radio with 101 Dalmatians, with numerous famous imitations of famous people. In 2012 she is among the protagonists of the mini TV series One Thousand and One Nights – Aladdin and Sherazade. Then the following year he became the Italian voice of Homer Simpson, replacing the historic voice actor Tonino Accolla. Dubbing is one of the fields in which Lopez has worked most recently, giving voice to many foreign actors but also to numerous characters in animated films. Among the most curious dubs of him is that of Stephen Hawking in The Big Bang Theory.

The illness and the return to the scene

In March 2017, in Trani, during the show Jazz and surroundings, Lopez had a sudden illness and was immediately hospitalized for symptoms of heart attack: he underwent angioplasty and transferred to a cardiological rehabilitation center. He recovered quickly and a month later he is already back on stage. In 2017 and 2018 he was engaged in the tour Massimo Lopez and Tullio Solenghi Show, which also continued into the 2021/22 season. In September 2020 he published the autobiography Watch out for the clouds. My life on the go. Since October 2021 Lopez and Solenghi have been part of the permanent cast of the television show What’s the weather like. In the same year Lopez was the narrator of the film by Volfango De Biasi A monstrous family.

Massimo Lopez’s 70 years: from the Trio to the successes between theater and TV