Mediaset Infinity, the news of December 2022 in streaming: Harry Potter 20th Anniversary and DC League of Super

In December 2022 on Mediaset Infinity among the Premieres of Infinity + there will be Harry Potter 20th Anniversary and DC League of Super-Pets, many programs, series and dramas in free streaming.

The month of December 2022 the platform Mediaset Infinity reiterates its vast offering of content in streamfrom free broadcasts to monthly subscription content, such as a Infinity+ or those linked to thematic channels that make up the Mediaset universe, such as Midnight Factory, Lionsgate+ or MGM. Discover Mediaset Infinity

The series started on November 22nd on Canale 5 With Heaven’s help, where a seminarian and a young police captain, who couldn’t be more different, work together to solve cases. You can also find it on the platform, of course.
From 24 November on Canale 5 and Mediaset Infinity there is Passport to freedomstory of Aracy de Carvalho, the employee of the Brazilian consulate who risked her life to save Jewish families during World War II.
Two will be available from 4 and 8 December respectively on Mediaset Infinity collection, Family and Christmaswith films and fiction among the most popular of the Mediaset family, from Fantaghirò to the adventures/misadventures of Maria Amelia Monti and Gerry Scotti in the beloved Finally alone.
Only on Mediaset Infinity is it possible to follow the VIP Big Brother24 hours a day, and if you need a summary and a comment on what happens in the House, every Monday at 20:30 only on the platform Soleil Sorge and Pierpaolo Pretelli host Gf Vip Party.

The December 2022 premiere on Infinity+, Harry Potter 20th Anniversary, DC League of Super-Pets

Subscribers to Infinity+ have access to Premiere weekly, more precious than ever at Christmas: it will be possible to see recent films at no additional cost, for arcs of seven or fourteen days: in this case we are talking about the documentary Harry Potter 20th Anniversary (from 2 to 8 December), DC League of Super Pets (from 9 to 22) and Elvis (from 23 to 5 January).

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary is a documentary made last year, where the great protagonists of the Harry Potter saga, such as Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton and many others met in Hogwarts. The purpose was celebrate the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the film sagawith Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Get your tissues ready! Watch Harry Potter 20th Anniversary on Mediaset Infinity

DC League of Super Pets it is instead a funny animated film branded Warner Bros Animation, part of the DC Extended Universe, but not expressly dedicated to the great superheroes DC Comics, but… to their pets! The main character is Crypto, Superman’s dog: you will act as leader of the Super-Pets when their masters mysteriously disappear, teaming up with Ace the Bat-Hound. Italian voices of Lillo and Maccio Capatonda. Watch DC League of Super-Pets on Mediaset Infinity

From December 15th on Lionsgate+ the first three episodes of the series What we didn’t say arrive, where Julia, three days after her wedding, discovers that her father Michel is dead: not only that, but he has bequeathed her an android which is her exact copy, with his memories. It will shut down in a week, and in those seven days daughter and dad “replica” will have to make up for lost time.
Midnight Factory reaffirms its vocation for horror enthusiasts with The ring 2, the Japanese sequel to the original film which also spawned American remakes. The fatal videotape continues to be investigated, while the curse is inherited by someone else…
Juventus TV on December 7 there will be the challenge Arsenal – Juventus Womenvalid for the UEFA Women’s Champions League.
From December 1st on mgm extension it’s the turn of a super classic from the eighties, The Neverending Storybased on the novel by Michael Ende, a film that made director Wolfgang Petersen international breakthrough, thanks also to the legendary song written by Giorgio Moroder.
Up Moonbug Kids Cocomelon cartoons help children learn, with fun and colorful stories and lots of songs.
The docuseries Crimes: Criminal Families up Crime+ Investigation Play allows you to follow real investigations, reconstructed as if they were taking place in real time, concerning homicides committed by apparently “normal” families and couples.
Instead, it is an insight into a famous financial scandal The smartass of the neighborhood up history playwhere the rise and fall of Giampiero Fiorani is retraced.

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Mediaset Infinity, the news of December 2022 in streaming: Harry Potter 20th Anniversary and DC League of Super-Pets