Mercato TV and radio 2022: hosts, programs… What changes for the start of the school year?

Departures, arrivals, new programs and stops, an overview of the major upheavals that await you in a few weeks on your channels and stations.

After a particularly turbulent 2021 transfer window, the summer of 2022 promises to be calmer with nevertheless inevitable changes and rearrangements for the next season. Who’s leaving? Incoming? Which program will stop? What will be new? The full point.

Mercato radio

Manu Payet and his team will leave the antenna of Virgin Radio after two years together with the animation of the morning, “Virgin Tonic”. The show will be replaced by a production by Cyril Hanouna embodied by Guillaume Genton. According Tele-LeisureDiane Leyre, Miss France 2022, will be by her side.

– Host of the RFM morning show since 2015, alongside Bruno Roblès then Albert Spano, Elodie Gossuin leaves “The Best of Awakenings”. “I feel the need to breathe a little, to also resume actions with Unicef ​​of which I am godmother. And above all to put my family back at the center of my life.explained the former Miss France to the Parisian / Today in France.

Mercato TV

– Arrival in September 2015 on TF1, Alessandra Sublet has announced that she is ending her career as a host to convert 100% to comedy. She thus turns her back on her place as an investigator in “Mask Singer” as well as on the programs “Le Grand Concours des animators” and “C Canteloup”. This is arthur who will replace her in the first, Helene Mannarino in the second.

-Three years after his departure from C8 where he hosted the game “Strike”, Vincent Lagaf announced to Tele-Leisure that he was joining RMC Découverte to host a new program in prime time. “The idea is for me to lend a hand to a mechanic in difficulty. And after two years of covid, there are unfortunately a few”he told our colleagues.

– Present every Saturday evening in the second part of the evening on France 2 since September 2006, first in “We are not lying” then in “We are live”, Laurent Ruquier will let Léa Salamé present alone the talk show called “We can not say anything more”. “It is my decision to leave this time slot, not being comfortable co-hosting for a talk show. I tried but despite my natural understanding with Léa Salamé, I consider the exercise too frustrating”explained the one who will keep the animation of “Children of TV” every Sunday.

– The red armchair of Michael Drucker will be changing channels at the start of the school year. Launched in September 1998, “Vivement dimanche” will go from France 2 to France 3. “France 3 is part of my DNA. I will be the new incarnation with Cyril Féraud. For me, it’s going to a channel that looks like me”reacted the 80-year-old host in Le Parisien / Today in France. It will be replaced on this box by Frederic Lopez which is making its big comeback on the air as soon as the school year begins. The program will be called “A Sunday in the countryside” and three personalities will be received for a weekend “to talk about love, friendship and lifethe statement said. A sort of revival of the “Unexpected parenthesis” broadcast between 2012 and 2014, in the second part of the evening on France 2.

– Fourteen years after launching “La Grande Librairie” on France 5, Francois Busnel leaves the presentation of the literary program. “At 53, I want new challenges: making films and series, writing and shooting documentaries, producing new talents“, he explained to the Parisian end of June. Augustin Trapenardwas chosen to succeed him. To devote himself fully to it, he released the controls of “Boomerang” on France Inter, replaced by Rebecca Manzoni.

Caroline Roux will no longer present “Les 4 Vérités” at the start of the school year in order to develop its program “C dans l’air” which gains airtime. To replace the presenter in this appointment renamed the “4V”, the channel calls on Thomas Sotto. A pragmatic internal choice since Caroline Roux’s successor already co-hosts “Télématin”.

– Another departure: that of Karim Rissouli of “C Politique” on France 5 after six years of good and loyal service. Objective: to dedicate himself to the presentation of “C this evening”. Thomas Snegaroffalready a figure in the Sunday program, succeeds him at the head of the meeting.

– Fifty years after its creation, “Numbers and letters”will take a new turn at the start of the school year on France 3, seeing its broadcast go from weekdays to weekends. The game hosted by Laurent Romejko will return in a new format on September 17 without its two co-hosts Bertrand Fox and Arielle Boulin-Pratspecialists in numbers and letters respectively. “We did not agree and we regret it”simply explained Alexandra Redde-Amiel, head of entertainment and games at France Télévisions, to the Parisian / Today in France.

The new programs

– TF1 has decided to relaunch “Star Academy” the next school year with Nikos Aliagas at the animation, a probable return to the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys and a new cast of teachers. The program had eight seasons on the first channel, between 2001 and 2008, and a ninth in 2012-2013 on NRJ12.

– France 2 is betting on a new general culture game adapted from an English format, “100% Logical”hosted by Cyril Féraud. “Everyone will be able to play, whatever their age, profession or knowledge, you will love it”assured the latter on his social networks.

– Another expected return, that of “MasterChef” . After five editions offered on TF1 between 2010 and 2015, the culinary competition will return to France 2 with Agathe Lecaron hosting and Yves Camdeborde, Thierry Marx and Georgiana Viou on the jury.

– M6 launches a brand new format: “The traitors – will they be unmasked?” in which fourteen personalities, gathered in a castle, will play the game of cat and mouse with lies and manipulation. Eric Anthony presents the show where David Douillet and his wife, Bernard Werber, Martin Lamotte, Bruno Sanches, Delphine Wespiser, Elsa Esnoult, Clémence Castel, Alex Ramires, Natoo, Camille Lacourt, Melococo, Paul el Kharrat and Just Riadh will compete.

Programs that will stop

– After 18 years of existence and thousands of episodes, the TV series More beautiful lifewill end on France 3 on November 18. The management of France Télévisions would like a “renewal of the creative offer” and consider “a new story with Marseille and its region”.

– Launched in September 2018 on C8, the talk show “Drop your post!” will not be renewed at the start of the school year. Cyril Hanouna announced at Parisian / Today in France want to bet on “Face à Baba” with a new bi-weekly formula.

– Launched in October 2020 to succeed Patrick Sébastien’s “Plus Grand Cabaret du monde”, “Spectacular” will not return to France 2. Alexandra Redde-Amiel, director of entertainment for France Télévisions, announced on RTL that the program carried by Jean-Marc Généreux and Cyril Féraud had not met its audience.

– After their sale by TF1 and M6 to Alticethe chains TFX and 6ter will mechanically leave their programs without a broadcaster at the end of this year 2022. Final stop or transfer to another channel? The decision will be up to the leaders of the TF1 group to decide on the future of programs such as “The Villa of Broken Hearts”, “Moms and Famous”, “Emergency Calls”, “Cleaners”, “Tattoo Cover” or even ” Criminal Chronicles”. Same thing for the M6 ​​group with “La Robe de ma vie”, “Vive le camping” or “You have a package”.

– Animated until then by Carole Gaessler and Émilie Tran Nguyen, the national news of France 3 disappear from September 2023 to make way for 24 regional editions. These slices of information will be produced in each location and embodied on the air by 24 local presenters who will deal with local, regional, national and international information at the same time. The two major daily news events lasting 40 minutes will be renamed “Ici Midi” and “Ici Soir”.

Mercato TV and radio 2022: hosts, programs… What changes for the start of the school year?