“Morning Night 2”: Michaël Youn does not intend to let go of Fatal Bazooka

Long before Arthur and his “Friday everything is permitted”, Michaël Youn understood the communicative force of the valves between friends. He made it his business and broke through like that. With his management diploma in his pocket, this son of executives decided on leaving his studies to follow his artistic fiber and get into radio, on Skyrock, then on M6. With his friends Vincent Desagnat and Benjamin Morgaine, from 2000 to 2002, he created a cult program for an entire generation, the “Morning Live”, where he notably parodies a group of Eurovision singers. Audiences then reached 4 million fans.

Ridicule does not kill is in short the strength and the motto of Michaël Youn, pro of schoolboy humor and excesses of all kinds. Show naked, shock, nothing stops him, he pushes the cursor of political incorrectness. But it would be wrong to reduce it to this label. This guindailleur subscriber to delirious roles moved on to the production of films, including “Divorce club”, in 2019. He knew how to trace his path to the point that Amazon Prime gave him carte blanche for a feature film to be released in 2023, ” BDE”, or the story of four friends who meet in business school.

Above all, for some time, viewers have been able to discover its dramatic potential in TV movies on TF1 with gripping subjects. The effect of quarantine, or that of paternity, who knows… In “Les Bracelets rouges”, “The day I burned my heart”, “Don’t abandon me”, Michaël Youn was convincing in man who fights for others and is able to move mountains.

Again, he surprises. Don’t lock it in a box, this multitasker comes right out of it. He does not intend to extinguish his soul from Denis the malice. The pandemic has sealed people off in 2020, well, he has decided to respond to it by relaunching the “Morning Night”, its hilarious sketches, its howls. The public responded. The troublemaker, he realized that the time had changed and that freedom of tone is now combined with the past. Each valve no longer escapes criticism from Internet users. M6 nevertheless gave him the means to shoot polished sequences and it is this second number that Plug RTL is rescheduling.

At the Wallonia Festivals

The highlight of the show will be Fatal Bazooka’s return, which Youn won’t let go. His “Fous ta cagoule”, born in 2006 on the “Morning Live”, was a UFO still in the ears and well at the forefront, since rappers have colonized the music of young people. In this reign of rap, Youn could not abandon Fatal, he wrote him a title that clashes well with the sexist codes of the genre. “Le bwerk”, released last year with three million views on YouTube, gently denounces the image of women in the clips of these city bosses. If you want to see it in person, go to Seraing, the first weekend of September, it is the headliner of the Fêtes de Wallonie.

“Morning Night 2”, August 25, 8:10 p.m., Plug RTL.

“Morning Night 2”: Michaël Youn does not intend to let go of Fatal Bazooka