Naked bullet, Liam Neeson has some good news about the remake

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Imagine the ultimate action hero Liam Neeson how protagonist of a remake/sequel of A blunt bullet seems both alienating but also in its own way logical: the actor of Taken he is the first to know that, once you pass the threshold of seventy, it becomes increasingly difficult to make yourself credible in certain high-adrenaline films and various doors are opening. One is certainly that of comedy, perhaps through inclusion in a successful franchise like the one with the immortal Leslie Nielsen. A fascinating challenge for the star who, after some time, has returned to talk about a project which, according to him, could “put an end to his career or take it in another direction”.

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A blunt bullet has become a cult film over the years, going even beyond the rosiest expectations of the creators themselves. The writer and film producer Steven Schneider he even included it a few years ago in his list of the best 1001 films to see absolutely before you die and the saga is now rightfully a reference for anyone who wants to try to make a demented parody of a genre. That trilogy that began in the cinema in 1988 (and before that on TV with an initially unfortunate miniseries) boasts several attempts at imitation but no one ever, after the death of the showman Leslie Nielsen, has ever had the courage to try to be the direct heir by the unforgettable Lieutenant Frank Drebin. Liam Neeson tries now that, interviewed by Colliders, gave good news on a project that seemed to have stalled a bit by now: “We’re waiting for a screenplay. We hope to make it this year, maybe in the summer. Seth MacFarlane and his team are working on it,” the actor said.

Liam Neeson from Marlowe to Lieutenant Drebin


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The MacFarlane referred to by Neeson is precisely the creator of I Griffin and Tedwith which the protagonist of Schindler’s List he also worked in another film that parodied a very specific cinematic imagery: A Million Ways to Die in the West. In the latter case, MacFarlane was also the film’s director, a role that would seem not to have to fall to him in a possible A blunt bullet 4. The rumors indeed give behind the camera Akiva Schafferwho has recently shown that he knows how to handle 80s franchises and irreverent reinterpretations of the detective genre with the surprising Chip & Dale special agents.

Of the plot of the next Naked Gun for now, however, very little is known, except that the character of Neeson should be presented as the son of the bumbling hero originally played by Leslie Nielsen. A possible reboot would certainly be a nice way to pay homage to the latter as well, who disappeared in 2010 while fans hope the rumors that they would like the film already in theaters in 2024 are true, exactly thirty years after the last chapter.

Finally, there is great curiosity in imagining how a film of this kind could be received today, in a historical period in which slapstick and somewhat demented comedy still seems to suffer from the overdose of films that exploited it (badly) at the beginning two thousand years. Then there remains the question of how daring one can actually be in a world where political correctness seems to castrate many ideas, particularly in Hollywood. What is certain is that Liam Neeson in a role that someone has defined as “crime in a different way” seems alone to be worth the price of admission: just the idea of ​​imagining the next interpreter of the shrewd Philip Marlowe as a policeman somewhere between Inspector Clouseau de The Pink Panther It is one of Looney Tunes enough to make us smile.

Naked bullet, Liam Neeson has some good news about the remake