Netflix June 2022: All movies and TV series coming to the streaming platform next month


Netflix has been considering some big changes recently, as the streaming giant has lost subscribers.

In an effort to increase revenue, the platform could start running advertisements and charging users for sharing passwords.

But Netflix still remains the most popular streaming platform and will continue to release many new versions next month.

May saw the return of the highly anticipated science fiction series Stranger Things, and June looks to be a fantastic month too, with the third season of The Umbrella Academy returning later this month.

Throughout the rest of June, there will be tons of new Netflix Originals, including God’s Favorite Idiot, a new workplace comedy series starring Melissa McCarthy, and sports comedy drama Hustle, starring Adam Sandler.

Here’s everything that’s coming to Netflix in June 2022.

1st of June

The all-new thriller The Ledge will be one of the first new releases on Netflix in June
  • Burning Love (Multiple Seasons) – Comic parody series
  • Carriers (2009) – Action movie
  • Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014) – Detective film
  • The Tai Chi Man (2013) – Action movie
  • Run Fatboy Run (2007) – British romantic comedy
  • The Client List (Multiple Seasons) – Drama Series
  • The Crow (1994) – Cult classic film
  • The Ledge (2022) – British-made sports action film
  • The Man with the Iron Fists 2 (2015) – Martial arts film
  • Tremors 5: Bloodline (2015) – Series B horror film
  • Untraceable (2008) – Detective thriller film

3 June

good cop

Mr. Good Cop or Crook is a docuseries about the best Norwegian policeman suspected of drug trafficking
  • Interceptor (2022) Netflix Original – Action movie
  • Mr. Good: Cop or crook? (Season One) Netflix Original – Norweigen docu series
  • Surviving Summer (Season One) Netflix Original – Australian surf series for families
  • The Perfect Mother (Season One) Netflix Original – French crime drama

June 4th

  • The Extraordinary Tale of the Times Table (2013) – Spanish romantic comedy
  • The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (2017) – Documentary by Michael Oswald

June 6

  • My Spy (2020) – Family action comedy
  • On the trail of the glaciers Mission in Alaska – Italian travel documentary
  • Spaced Out (1979) – British science fiction comedy.
  • The Lancaster at War (limited series) – British-made military docuseries

7 June

  • On his corpse (2008) – Romantic comedy

June 8

  • Baby Fever (Season One) Netflix Original – Danish romantic comedy series
  • Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey (limited series) Netflix Original – Docuserie

June 9

  • Rhythm + Flow France (Season One) Netflix Original – French spin-off of the rap racing series

June 10


Adam Sandler stars in Netflix’s new sports comedy / drama Hustle

  • First Kill (Season One) Netflix Original – Horror horror series
  • Hustle (2022) Netflix Original – Sports movie
  • Intimacy (Season One) Netflix Original – Spanish crime thriller series
  • Jennifer Lopez: Halftime (2022) Netflix Original – Documentary
  • Trees of Peace (2022) Netflix Original – True story film

June 11th

  • Hugo (2011) – Family adventure film

June 13

Brooklyn without a mother

Motherless Brooklyn is a crime drama film set in 1950s New York

  • Motherless Brooklyn (2019) – Detective film

June 15

lemon balm

The new comedy God’s Favorite Idiot stars Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone

  • Centaur (2022) Netflix Original – Spanish action thriller
  • God’s Favorite Idiot (Season One) Netflix Original – Workplace comedy series
  • Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend (Season One) Netflix Original – Cooking contest series
  • Maldivas (Season One) Netflix Original – Brazilian comedy series in Portuguese language
  • Wrath of God (2022) Netflix Original – Thriller in Spanish

June 16

branches malek

Rami Malek starred in the 2018 biopic Bohemian Rapsody

  • Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) – Biopic about Queen and Freddie Mercury
  • Dead End: Paranormal Park (Season One) Netflix Original – Animated series for children
  • Karma’s World Music Video (Volume Two) Netflix Original – Animated series for children
  • Love & Anarchy (Season 2) Netflix Original – Swedish romantic comedy series
  • Sing, Dance, Act: Kabuki with Toma Ikuta (2022) Netflix Original – Japanese Documentary

June 17

  • She (Season 2) Netflix Original – Hindi crime drama
  • Spiderhead (2022) Netflix Original – Action movie
  • The Martha Mitchell Effect (2022) Netflix Original – Documentary
  • The War Next-Door (Season 2) Netflix Original – Spanish comedy series
  • You Don’t Know Me (Season One) – BBC classroom drama miniseries

June 18

  • Long Boarding LA to NY (2021) – Documentary
  • Spriggan (Season One) Netflix Original – Anime series

June 19

ben crump

Civil: Ben Crump is a documentary that explores the life of civil rights leader Ben Crump

  • Civilian: Ben Crump (2022) Netflix Original – Documentary

June 20

  • The Craft: Legacy (2020) – Restart of the 90s classic

June 21st

  • Joel Kim Booster: Psychosexual (2022) Netflix Original – Cabaret special
  • The Future Of… (Season One) Netflix Original – Docu Series

June 22

umbrella academy

The Umbrella Academy returns for its third season

  • Love & Gelato (2022) Netflix Original – Romantic film adaptation
  • The Umbrella Academy (Season 3) Netflix Original – Superhero series

June 23

  • First Class (Season One) Netflix Original – Spanish language reality series

June 24

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson stars in the comedy series Man Vs Bee

  • Man Vs Bee (Season One) Netflix Original – Short comedy series
  • Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area (Season One) Netflix Original – Korean spin-off / remake of the La Casa De Papel series

June 28

  • Cristela Alonzo: Middle Classy (2022) Netflix Original – Cabaret special

June 29

  • The Upshaws (Season 2) Netflix Original – Multi-cam sitcom

June 30th

  • Bastard!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy- (Season one) Netflix Original – Dark fantasy anime series


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