Netflix: this huge success of 2022 will have the right to a sequel

After having met with enormous success, netflix will propose the continuation of a film unforgettable of 2022. But this is not the only project that the giant of streaming has in his pocket, since the director is working in parallel on another film.

A huge success for netflix

From season 4 of Stranger Things in season 2 ofAlice in Borderlandthrough the success of DahmerNetflix has had many successes in 2022. But more than on the series side, it is towards animated films that we are going to turn today, by evoking the case of sea ​​monster. Available since the beginning of July, this one is directed by Chris Williams, who knows what he is talking about: the man is indeed particularly experienced and has worked on Mulan, Vaïana: The Legend of the End of the World or on Kuzco, the megalomaniac emperorto recite nobody else but them.

The mastery of the American director was once again illustrated, to the point that The Sea Monster remained six weeks in the Top 10 Films in France and even became the platform’s most-watched animated film ! Neither one nor two, Netflix logically hastened to sign a new contract with Williams in order to order a suite. But another project is also in the pipeline.

Two ambitious projects under construction

Interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Williams reveals that hehe had absolutely no plans for a sequel to sea ​​monster initially, the success of the film and the freedom that Netflix would have left him would have motivated him to agree to work on a second story. We don’t know much about him, except thatit will linger again on the “new family” formed by the hunter of monsters Jacob Holland and the young Maisie Brumble. As for Rouge, the sea creature from the first film, Williams raises the possibility of its return without ensuring it, possibly leaving room for a new monster. At the same time, the director is working on a second project that is still unclear, but about which he communicates first information.

I pitched an original fantasy story. It would be similar to the Sea Monster in that I would create a completely cohesive world. Tone-wise it would be somewhere between Lord of the Rings and Princess Bride, [une comédie fantastique et romantique de 1980]. It’s like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, where you have a story leading up to when the storyline begins, and it’s a huge world with multiple events that take place outside of the story being told. But at the same time, I want to have fun with some Princess Bride conventions. It’s not a parody and it doesn’t make fun of it, but there is a bright and refreshing perspective. Then the success of the Sea Monster arrived.

If the two projects are currently studied, Chris Williams would have a choice as to which one he wants to direct first. However, we will have to be patient to discover them on the screen.

Netflix: this huge success of 2022 will have the right to a sequel