New Christmas movies to watch in 2022

Article updated on December 16, 2022.

Christmas falls on time, on Netflix

Exit: November 10, 2022

The year 2022 marks the return of an American star engraved forever in the hearts of Millennials: Lindsay Lohan, heroine of the four of us and freaky fridaynow 36, returns to the big screen in a much-awaited Christmas comedy, after almost ten years of absence: it is indeed her first star role since The Canyonsreleased in 2013 and largely unnoticed.

Title Falling for Christmas In its original version, this new gingerbread-flavoured romance traces the tumultuous journey of a rich heiress, victim of memory problems after a skiing accident. Upset, she can count on the help of a charming owner of a refuge, in the heart of a snowy mountain, and a few days from Christmas. No need to give you our prognosis for the end of the story: you have probably already guessed it.

Spirited, on AppleTV+

Exit: November 18, 2022

About this film, there is only one thing to know: we find the American actor Ryan Reynolds there… and this one sings, doing tap dancing. It’s not a joke, now the interpreter of Dead Pool grabs the microphone to sing Christmas carols, alongside Will Ferrel and the incredible Octavia Spencer, with his usual humor. In this parody of the famous Christmas song by Charles Dickens, a selfish man is visited by three ghosts on the evening of December 24, whose mission is to put him back on the right track. If you like comedies that are a little absurd, but full of joy, this is for you!

The Santa Clauses,
on Disney+ (series)

Exit: November 17, 2022

If you have never seen these great American classics, with Tim Allen in the famous red and white suit, we can only advise you to discover them! The first two parts (Super Christmas and Hyper Christmas) are available on Disney+ and chronicle the debut of Scott Calvin, a completely ordinary man, as the new Santa Claus. The settings and characters are infused with nostalgia and the magic of the holidays is as radiant as in our childhood memories.

Rather than stacking up with a third film, Disney decided, in 2022, to continue the story with a series. However, the characters remain identical and the cast is almost complete. After many adventures at the North Pole and a memorable romance, Scott Calvin (aka Santa Claus) is ready to retire and tries to pass on his knowledge to his eldest son, Charlie, so that he can take over.

Christmas with youon Netflix

Exit: November 17, 2022

Starring Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze Jr. in the lead roles, this rom-com has all the makings of a marshmallow TV movie, Hallmark style: a heroine on a quest for a life change, an impromptu move to a scenic snowy town, and an unexpected encounter. with a mysterious stranger who will do everything possible to help her rediscover her true principles. The script introduces us to the character of Angelina, a famous singer on the verge of exhaustion, forced to flee her city life in order to take refuge in a small town and breathe new life into her musical creations.

Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Specialon Disney+

Exit: November 25, 2022

Even the Marvel universe draws holly and garlands this year, in this 40-minute mini-film, which tells the sequel to the previous feature films in the saga. While the character of Quill (Chris Pratt) is devastated by the death of Gamora, in Avengers: Infinity War, his friends try to organize a perfect Christmas, galactic way, in order to cheer him up a little. For this, the team flies to Earth, renowned for having the most beautiful traditions of the end of the year.

The Christmas Diaryon Netflix

Exit: November 24, 2022

Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin Pearson in the series This is Us, tries his hand at Christmas comedies. In this Netflix novelty, he plays Jake Turner, a famous author who cut ties with his mother. When she dies suddenly, he inherits his immense property and must confront his memories. There, Jake meets Rachel, whose parents worked in the service of his late mother. Trying to find out more about their respective families, they end up spending the holidays together, immersed in relics of the past.

Christmas under his wingon Netflix

Exit: December 1, 2022

Children of the 90s, get ready for an intense wave of nostalgia, because the cast will remind you of your old favorite series! Indeed, in the leading roles, we find in particular Chad Michael Murray (Lucas in The Scott brothers) and Jessica Lowndes (the interpreter of Adrianna in the new generation of 90210 beverly hills). The latter embodies a brilliant emergency physician absorbed by her career, who has absolutely no time to celebrate the holidays. Tired of her multiple absences and lack of joyful enthusiasm, her partner ends up leaving her… As you may have guessed by reading the title of the film, the heroine will receive help from a unknown, whose charm will transform his Grinch attitude into that of Mariah Carey. We do not tell you more, but if you have devoured The Scott brothersit may be difficult not to see Lucas Scott in this new character … winged.

christmas storm, on Netflix

Exit: December 16, 2022

For now, this Norwegian mini-series is shrouded in mystery, but promises an original storyline. It takes place in Oslo airport, where chance brings together various characters who should never have met. When their travel plans go up in smoke, one after another, each finds themselves stuck in the halls of the terminal, determined to join their families or escape the holidays, as planned. However, their destinies did not cross for nothing.

The boy, the mole, the fox and the horseon the BBC and Apple TV+

Exit: December 25, 2022

The sublime eponymous book, illustrated and written by British artist Charlie Macksey, was published in September 2020 by Les Arènes, in its French version. Through airy, graceful and touching drawings, the four main characters discover important truths about friendship, love and courage. Poetic and comforting, this now famous book will be adapted in cartoon form by the BBC channel, in collaboration with Apple TV+, and broadcast on Christmas Day. A true work of art that adults will enjoy just as much as children.

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New Christmas movies to watch in 2022