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Available from August 20 on Prime Video the first three episodes (the next 5 will be one a week) of Nine Perfect Strangers, with an all-star cast led by Nicole Kidman. We tell you everything you need to know to enjoy it to the fullest.

They came up Prime Video on August 20 the first three episodes (out of 8) of the prestigious miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers: from 27 August we will see one a week, until the end, as it deserves for a show that takes its time and is not suitable for classic binge watching. We have been talking about it for a while, first of all because it is a product and partly written by Mr. Michelle Pfeiffer, that is David E. Kelley (here together with John Henry Buttleworth), one of the leading names in the American entertainment industry, behind huge successes such as LA Law, Boston Legal and the most recent Big Little Lies, Mr. Mercedes, The Undoing and the next The Lincoln Lawyer. This is the third collaboration between Kelley and Nicole Kidman, who plays the key role in the story and appears to have stayed in character throughout the shoot to keep the rest of the cast on their toes, as Masha does in the series. But let’s see in detail everything you need to know before diving into the vision of Nine Perfect Strangersa small guide to the fundamentals of the series.

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The story of Nine Perfect Strangers

The story sees a group of 9 characters, very different from each other and unknown to each other, who go to an ultra-luxury wellness center in a dream location, extremely selective, which promises to revive its customers in just ten days. . To manage the center, from the attractive name of Tranquillum House, is a mysterious woman of Russian origin, with the appearance of a wood elf and with a dark criminal past behind her, Masha, assisted by three faithful helpers, the couple Delilah and Yao , and Zoe. After a not entirely pleasant first impact between them, the guests of the resort will begin to have doubts about how to care for the place.

The book and the author

The one of Nine Perfect Strangers it is not an original story but it is taken from the novel of the same name by the Australian writer Liane Moriartypublished in 2018. Moriarty is also the author of the book that gave birth to Big Little Lies. In film development, with Blake Lively as expected protagonist, there is another one of his novels, The Husband’s Secretof 2013. Since 2004 Liane has published eight novels very successful, many of which have entered the top of the best-sellers of the New York Times. The ninth will be released in September, entitled “Apples Never Fall”. Six have also been published in Italy, included “Nine perfect strangers”, from Mondadori. Moriarty is also the author of three children’s books, the first of which, “Petronella and space waste”, from 2009, was published by Piemme Junior. In an interview with Guardian, the author said she was snubbed for a long time in her homeland and was discovered in America, where her books were an immediate success. No prophet at home, as they say.

The characters of Nine Perfect Strangers and their prestigious interpreters

The strength of this miniseries are obviously the actors. Leaving aside the movie and TV star for too much fame Nicole Kidmanincreasingly present on the small screen, in the role of lady and godmother of Tranquillumthe enigmatic Masha Dmitrichenkolet’s move on to its lucky ones (?) guests.

Frances Welty she is a middle-aged woman, writer of romance novels, in crisis with work and life. As if that weren’t enough, she was also the victim of an online sentimental scam. To interpret it with irresistible charisma is the big one Melissa McCarthy, an extraordinary comic actress who has proven to be capable of playing even more serious roles. From The bride’s friends to Original copy (she was nominated for an Oscar for both), by Mike and Molly to The queens of crimethe future Ursula of the Mermaid in live action is always a guarantee. In Nine Perfect Strangers interacts primarily with Bobby Cannavale, with whom he has already worked four times. In one of the next episodes we will also see her husband, the actor Ben Falcone.

Watch Nine Perfect Strangers on Prime Video Now

Bobby Cannavalein fact, he plays the bristly, stout and bearded Tony Hogburn, former football star, forced to retire after a serious accident and addicted to painkillers. Sarcastic and grumpy, initially he is the one who has the most difficulty in adapting and mainly targets Frances. The performance of Cannavale it lives up to its best, and there are several. We remember him on TV in the role of the psychopathic gangster Gyp Rosetti in Boardwalk Empire (Emmy award) and, among many others, for the characters in Vynil, Nurse Jackie, Will & Grace (her second Emmy) and Mr. Robotand at the cinema in Blue Jasmine, Tonya, The Irishman and, with the friend of all time John Turturro, Jesus Rolls.


The mixed and young couple, Ben and Tamara Chandler, arrives in Tranquillum in a yellow Lamborghini to save his troubled marriage. He is the emergent Melvin Greggeven appeared in the Asylum film Sharknado 3. It is especially famous as influencer on Vine. Among his series Sexless, Class, Freakish And Snowfall. She, an Instagram diva, insecure and obsessed with her appearance and plastic surgery (in the series she is made up “as if”) is the fantastic Australian actress Samara Weavingrevealed with the hilarious splatter Till death do Us part. On TV we enjoyed it in Ash Vs. Evil Dead, Picnic at Hanging Rock and in the Netflix miniseries Hollywood. Her uncle’s artistic genes flow through her Hugo Weaving.

Lars Leethe mysterious recently single gay character, is played by Luke Evans, a Welsh actor who certainly needs no introduction. He has an almost twenty-year career in cinema and on TV, we remember him as the Bard of The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug And The battle of the five armiesfor example, like the Vlad’s Dracula Untold and again in Fast & Furious 6 and 7like Gaston ne The beauty and the Beast and on tv it The alienist.


Watch Nine Perfect Strangers on Prime Video Now

The Marconi family, of clear Italian origin, has three components: father, mother and daughter arrive in Tranquillum thanks to a generous discount. He, Napoleonis a somewhat clumsy and seemingly exuberant teacher, his wife Heather lives more clearly the consequences of the trauma of the death of his son, as well as his young twin, Zoe. Napoleon is that great (in every sense) actor he is Michael ShannonOscar nominee for Revolutionary Road And Nocturnal animalsappeared in very popular and arthouse films, since his debut in I start all over again in 1993, a Bug from William Friedkin And Honor your father and mother from Sidney Lumetfrom the Zod of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to The shape of water And Murder Dinner – Knives Out. In Boardwalk Empire, his role as former agent Nelson Van Alden is memorable. Also on tv in Waco And The tambourine, Shannon is a character actor with the makings of the protagonist. The wife Heather is the Australian actress Asher Keddie, who has had a predominantly television career since the mid-eighties, earning the nickname “Golden Girl of Australian Television”. At the cinema few of her appearances, we have perhaps seen her in X-Men Origins – Wolverine. The daughter Zoe instead it is the New Yorker Grace Van Pattenwhich debuted at just 10 years in The Sopranoswhile at the cinema he interpreted Marriage to the ex And Under The Silver Lake.

Then there is the last single of the group, Carmel, abandoned by her husband with four children, who has problems with self-esteem and anger control. To give it life is Regina Hall, that many will remember as a regular presence in the first four films of the series Scary Movie. She then had a steady role in Law & Order – Los Angelesappeared in Black-ish and at the cinema we saw her in The girls’ journey And Shaft.


Maya’s assistants there are three: Delilah is interpreted by Tiffany Booneat the cinema in Beautiful Creatures and on TV in the series with Al Pacino Hunters, in the role of Roxy Jones. She also had a major role in the beautiful Irish series The Followingwith Jamie Dornan And Gillian Anderson. Yao is Manny JacintoFilipino-Canadian actor, active since 2012 and appeared in many TV series, including The Good Place, Trese And With the new cherry flavor. At the cinema we will see him in Top Gun: Maverick. Last but not least, Zoe Terakis is Glory. Terakis is an Australian nonbinary actor and LGBTQ community activist who played a transgender man in the series Wentworth.

A dream location, among woods, cliffs and natural pools

The Australian book, like the protagonist, it was necessary that the setting did not change even if, in theory, the story in the series takes place in Northern California. Nine Perfect Strangers was shot in full pandemic in New South Wales, in the so-called Northern Rivers area, in the famous Byron Bay. Filming, after 14 days of quarantine and swabs for the actors, took place from 20 August to 21 December 2020.

But what, ultimately, is Nine Perfect Strangers?

After the first three episodes, and for those who haven’t read the book, Nine Perfect Strangers is a bit of a mysterious object: satire on the health habits that were once called New Age and which according to those who believe in it cure all ills? Parody of alternative therapeutic practices? Reflection on individual suffering in a world that sees us increasingly hurt, angry and confused? Thriller? The title seems to refer to atmospheres to the Agatha Christie: of these nine complete strangers, will anyone end up like his ten little Indians? To find out, alas, we just have to wait for the end of the series.

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