Nudes for life 22 September: live broadcast of the last episode, the final show of women

Thursday 22 September airs on Rai 2the fourth and final episode of Nudes For Life. The awareness program for the breast and prostate cancer prevention is conducted by Mara Maionchi with Marcello Sacchetta.

In the previous episode the female protagonists they began to face trials. Now they are ready to perform for the final show, in which they will also have to gradually strip naked. I’m Corinne Clery, Alessandra Mussolini, Brenda Lodigiani, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Maddalena Corvaglia and Valeria Graci.

Nudes for life 22 September, live broadcast of the last episode

In the live broadcast of Nudi per la vita on 22 September, the female protagonistsafter returning from the club, they meet the photographer Maurizio Pighizzini. As happened for their male colleagues, they too have to prepare for the shooting without veils.

The photographer tries to put them at ease by making them undress a little at a time, in order to overcome the shame of showing off their bodies. The most embarrassed they seem to be Alessandra Mussolini and Valeria Graci. The bravest is Corinne Clery, proud of her body and her age, aware of her own at the same time enviable elegance. A woman full of charm, class and refinement. At the end they also lend themselves to group photos.

After the photo shoot the protagonists rehearsals immediately resume. H.year learned all the steps but there is still a lot of work to be done. They must now begin to try on wearing clothes similar to the ones they will show in the final show.

Nudes for life last episode Albadoro

Nudes for life 22 September, the meeting with Albadoro Gala

The protagonists meet the performer Albadoro Gala performing in a Burlesque show.

Her role is to help them become familiar with the gloves that they will have to learn to take off in a sensual way. After the technical tests, she immediately resumes trying because time is running out.

Nudes for life Andrea Manconi

The meeting with Dr. Andrea Manconi

Mara Maionchi presents to the protagonists Andrea Manconi, specializing in reconstructive surgery. She next to her the 37-year-old patient Alessandra who had discovered that she had cancer through a lump on her breast.

Has faced six months of chemotherapy before undergoing thesurgery which resulted in the removal of both breasts. Thanks to the surgery she has reconstructed her breasts and now when he looks in the mirror “he no longer sees” the disease. He has won his own battle and began to place great value on every single day of his life.

However, he confesses that before discovering the pathology he did not prevent. For this reason he invites the interlocutors to periodically undergo checks.

Alessandra launches a message of positivity and optimism. You can get sick but thanks to prevention and treatment it is possible to heal and start a new life.

Nudes for nursery life

Nudes for life 22 September, the challenge of the nursery

Marcello Sacchetta submits Corinne Clery, Alessandra Mussolini, Brenda Lodigiani, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Maddalena Corvaglia and Valeria Graci to another test.

The protagonists must pretending to work in a nursery and when the teacher plays music in their headphones, they have to invite customers to dance with them.

Then they return to the rehearsal room to start rehearsing. Corinne Clery she has some defaillance but Marcello Sacchetta tries to help her overcome her block. Her colleagues huddle around her to cheer her up.

Nudes for life 22 September last episode

Naked for life, final show

The tests have now come to an end and the protagonists arrive for the first time at the Franco Parenti theater in Milan where they will perform. Before it is filled with spectators, Marcello Sacchetta makes them rehearse in the empty theater in order to become familiar with the spaces, the lights and the staircase. The teacher is a little worried about some mistakes.

When it comes time for the final show the protagonists let tensions dissolve, performing in front of the audience that cheers them enthusiastically. Even with some slight inaccuracies, they stage a show that manages to convey many emotions. They also manage without fear to throw the fans that covered their breasts. At the end of the ballet, a standing ovation from all those present in the theater.

In closing, Mara Maionchi reminds the audience of limportance of prevention.

Nudes for life 22 September: live broadcast of the last episode, the final show of women