On Netflix and Amazon Prime Video: 2 films and a series for an explosive start to 2023

On Netflix and Amazon Prime Video: 2 films and a series for an explosive start to 2023

After the festive atmosphere at the end of December, make way for the good resolutions of 2023. We help you keep the one where you promised to catch up on your viewing of little nuggets of films and series thanks to the latest additions from the SVoD streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. To sort through their catalogs, follow the advice of the CNET France editorial staff.

Tonight, we’re going back to the Overlook Hotel with Dan Torrance in Doctor Sleepwe leave for a suicide mission in solo (or almost) with the first season of Peacemakerand we try to elucidate a new mystery in the company of the famous detective Benoît Blanc in Glass Onion: a story at loggerheads.

What movies and series to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video tonight?

Finally the sequel to The Shining: Doctor Sleep (Netflix)


Traumatized by the events of the Overlook Hotel, Dan Torrance, now an adult, flees the ghosts of his past by hiding his powers. But when he comes across Abra, a young girl who also has gifts, he will have to reconnect with his abilities to manage to save her from the fearsome Rose Claque.

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is not Stanley Kubrick who wants, nor Stephen King. That turns out well, Mike Flanagan does not try to be one or the other, but tries with its Doctor Sleep to reconcile the two (we know that King hates the adaptation of shining of Kubrick) while infusing it with his style.

Successful bet since if Doctor Sleep does not reach the mastery of his illustrious models, he never displays this ambition; preferring to further link the two universes, cinema and literature, in an adaptation that pays homage to both.

Far from plunging into the pure horror genre, Flanagan (to whom we owe the excellent series The Haunting of Hill Houseon Netflix) prefers to slide towards the hypnotic thriller which has this little something bewitching, managing to captivate beyond its winks.

And if Ewan McGregor manages to easily put on the clothes of the tortured hero, it’s good Rebecca Ferguson who makes all the salt of this Doctor Sleepproving that with King (and Kubrick), a good horror comes first from its villain.

  • A redrum trailer:

The Suicide Squad or almost: Peacemaker season 1 (Amazon Prime Video)


Following the events of The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker aka Christopher Smith attempts to regain his former life. But it was without counting on the plans of Amanda Waller.

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It will have taken confinement and a friendship with John Cena so that james gunn decides to re-enlist directly after The Suicide Squad, he who seemed to want to see if the grass was not greener away from the superheroes. He took it well since Peacemaker presents itself as a sandbox where the director can let his creations and his delusions wander freely.

In serial format, the filmmaker imports and extends his favorite themes with a band of broken arms deceiving their own loneliness in alcohol and stupidity while looking for a surrogate family. And if, by the way, Gunn can afford racist America, he won’t be shy.

At the top of the bill, John Cena proves that there was still a lot to do with the character of Christopher Smith. Incredible, but true, this “super-villain” even manages to tell us something through his gaze as a child prisoner in a bodybuilder’s body with formatted ideas.

Peacemaker is a series about redemption and family, screaming its love for the misfits and low-ceilinged humor. It’s a series about supporting actors to whom Gunn offers a second chance with tenderness and panache. A success.

  • A trailer in the pure spirit of James Gunn:

An exciting new part of Cluedo: Glass Onion: A story at loggerheads (Netflix)


The famous detective Benoît Blanc is invited to the private island of a wealthy industrialist to play a game with his friends: to solve his murder. But no one could have expected what was to follow.

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After the surprise but deserved success of his At Knives Out in the cinema, completely modernizing the “whodunit”, Rian Johnson has signed a deal with Netflix to extend its universe. And this is how Benoît Blanc signs a resounding comeback.

Always taken by Daniel Craigthe film once again brings together a star cast (Edward Norton, Dave Bautista, Janelle Monae…) for a game of Cluedo with multiple twists. Except that the director does not intend to copy paste his previous investigation.

Johnson plays the surprise by managing to reinvent his own concept, diverting all the codes of the genre with a displayed playfulness. Far from focusing on its purely investigative aspect, the film prefers to use it to scuttle the ambitions of its characters with exacerbated causticity.

Review of the races, we have less the feeling of witnessing a whodunit than a parody scratching the genre itself and those who proclaim themselves new masters of the world. Glass Onion is a jubilant film as entertaining in image as bloody in its subject.

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