Orphaned by Queen Elizabeth, James Bond adjusts to the new scenario

Even James Bond had to cope with the death of Elizabeth II, who began serving faithfully in 1962. The agent with a license to kill, or rather the producers of his films, have found a way to continue the saga without the queen .

The recent passing of the Queen Elizabeth II of England it saddened the whole world and of course also the cinema and its stars. Many actors have expressed their condolences, and for example the video of Her Majesty together with the bear Paddington it went viral for a while. And if some joker wrote that now the ending of the TV series has been spoiled The Queenthe producers of the films of James Bond they went through a moment of panic.

From the beginning of his swashbuckling adventures, the agent with a license to kill has consistently done his duty “for Queen and country”, as he himself has always loved to reiterate. In this regard, how can we forget the scene of Agent 007 – You only live twice in which Sean Conneryundressing Karin Dor, he said: “Ah, what must not be done for Queen and country?”. The problem, however, was immediately resolved, and we will see the change in the next film of the saga, which will also reserve us a new Bond.

What will James Bond do without the Queen

We must remember that in our 2022 James Bond celebrated its 60 years worthily and at length. And since she did it in the Platinum Jubilee year of Elizabeth IIon the official twitter account of James Bond the phrase “For the Queen and the Country” was written again. The producers spoke about how things will change from now on in the 007 franchise Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson to The Hollywood reporter. The first said:

As you know, Bond worked for Queen and Country, and now he will work for King and Country. He has been a loyal servant of the British government. He is a classic hero who cares more about the world and mankind than his own wishes. It’s a very sad time for England, obviously a time of great transition, but the Queen has certainly left an amazing legacy.

These are the words of Michael G. Wilson:

She has always been a huge supporter of James Bond films. And the same can be said for everyone else in the Royal Family – Charles, Prince William and everyone in between. She’s always been a steady hand, it’s hard to think of her as a person, it was a shock, even though you knew it had to happen sooner or later.

In fact, the Queen has proved several times that she appreciates the film saga of James Bond. You met the actors who played him and, in 2012, the year of the London Olympics, you got on a helicopter together with Daniel Craig and someone even thought she had jumped into the void with a parachute. It was actually a stuntman in the same pink suit as Elizabeth II. The crowd was very impressed and Her Majesty willingly lent herself to the game. There is a video of the event that we want you to see. Together with The Queen ea Daniel Craig there are the fabulous and fluffy corgis, beloved four-legged friends of the queen.

Orphaned by Queen Elizabeth, James Bond adjusts to the new scenario