Oscar 2022: Will Smith vs. Chris Rock, and the network goes wild with memes

In contrast to the shock and the bad episode of the night of the Oscars, with the slap trimmed by Will Smith to Chris Rock for the joke about his wife, there are those who laugh at it and go wild with even bad and bad taste memes, but funny.

And nothing, after the shock of the unfortunate episode of which he became the protagonist Will Smith during the night of the Oscar, slapping Chris Rock for an unhappy wife joke Jada Pinkettthe network went wild with a series of memes in some cases even of worse taste than the scene in question, but also extremely funny. Let’s see some of them, also to play down a decidedly unedifying situation (someone overseas also speculated that the Academy could withdraw the Oscar to Will Smith for his behavior).

Will Smith vs Chris Rock: and the network goes wild

The first joke that circulated on the net later the slap of Will Smith to Chris Rock (which in the excitement of the moment an illustrious national newspaper – we do not mention names, La Stampa – has mistaken for The Rockarousing further jokes and hilarity) is the one that refers to the film by Paolo Sorrentino, It was the hand of Godbeaten in the international film category by Drive My Car. It was Will’s hand began to circulate on the web, what you see below is a complex elaboration of the theme, for which films and posters are imagined.

Abroad, Nicole Kidman’s reaction immediately became very popular, promoted to official meme. What we propose is a bit naughty, she says: “The slap” was so powerful that it made Nicole Kidman’s face move for the first time in 11 years “.

Could not miss the homage to the legendary Mario Brega of “sta mano po ‘esse fero or po’ esse feather”. There are countless of them. This makes us laugh because it refers to the lack of strength of Will Smith’s slap, which was not really bad, luckily for Chris Rock.

And Batman-themed, could not miss this (and its variants) on an already popular meme

But some have speculated as a new murderous Squid Game to say an unhappy joke about Jada Pinkett to Will Smith.

We could go on indefinitely, but we stop here, specifying that the fact that we laugh at these reinterpretations of what happened does not in any way justify the gravity of what happened, but sometimes even highlighting the ridicule of certain behaviors can serve to avoid them.

Oscar 2022: Will Smith vs. Chris Rock, and the network goes wild with memes