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Don’t like being bored? Is sweating, exertion, explosions, gunfights or well-placed shots your thing? Look no further, there is a very good chance that you are completely addicted to action movies. A veritable cinematographic genre that is very often stereotyped, it became massively popular in the 1970s, before becoming the main purveyor of blockbusters the following decade. So much so that today big names in Hollywood such as Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis… are now inseparable from productions of this genre. That’s good because if action movies are your favorite genre, there are plenty of them on streaming platforms, from Netflix to Disney+, via Prime Video. All have in their respective catalogs classics of the genre to see or even see again. Télé Loisirs gives you its top 10 best action feature films not to be missed. If the film is no longer available on the platform indicated, you can find it for fee-for-service or digital purchase from traditional video-on-demand operators: Canal VOD, My TF1, Orange, Apple TV, Google Play, etc…

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crystal trapBruce Willis his tank top and his mythical Yippee kiyeah ! (Disney+)

John McClane, a New York police officer, is in Los Angeles to spend the Christmas holidays with his children and his estranged wife Holly. But when he joins the latter at the headquarters of the multinational for which she works, the building is immediately taken hostage by a band of very well organized European terrorists. McClane will try to put them out of harm’s way. With crystal trap, a closed-door thriller, John McTiernan redefined the rules of action cinema with humor and virtuosity. Bruce Willis, meanwhile, creates a brilliant cop character, as cheeky as he is brawling. An essential and timeless classic of muscular cinema.

rockyan uppercut that has become a classic (Canal+)

Rocky Balboa lives modestly in the slums of Philadelphia. Between two boxing matches, he collects debts for Gazzo, a creditor. His life changes when Apollo Creed, world heavyweight champion, searches for a challenger to put his title back on the line. Rocky is chosen and embarks on intensive training. rocky has everything from the Hollywood success story: a small film written and performed by a stranger, this intimate drama, mixed with spectacular boxing scenes, became a huge box office success, launching the career of Stallone, who was to become the big star American cinema of the 80s.

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Kingsman: Secret Servicethe classiest secret agents on the big screen (Disney+)

Orphan of father, Eggsy is a rebellious and brawling teenager from the London suburbs who can’t stand his mother’s new companion. One day, Galahad, a friend of his father, offers him to join Kingsman, the very elegant elite of British independent intelligence. The agency needs new blood, and is looking for the rare pearl to fight a new enemy, the formidable Richmond Valentine. Eggsy then goes through a whole series of ordeals with other candidates… Irreverent and intelligent, this parody of a spy film, carried by an irresistible cast, is exhilarating.

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TakenLiam Neeson in search of his missing daughter in all of Paris (Disney +)

What could be worse for a father than to watch helplessly as his daughter is kidnapped… on the other side of the world? This is the nightmare lived by Bryan, a former agent of the American secret services, who only has a few hours to snatch Kim from the hands of a formidable gang. First problem to solve: he is in Los Angeles, she has just been kidnapped in Paris. If the frame of this Taken is rather thin, this Luc Besson production benefits from effective action sequences and, above all, from the impeccable composition of the great Liam Neeson.

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Ocean’s Eleventhe sexiest robbery in the history of cinema (Canal+)

Imprisoned for breach of trust, Danny Ocean is released on parole. But as soon as he is outside, he proposes to his accomplice Rusty, a poker player, to simultaneously attack three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. To collect a huge nest egg, but also to recover Danny’s ex-wife, who lives with the owner of the three establishments. Danny and Rusty begin to put together a strong team. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, this police comedy is worth first and foremost for its incredible cast. The relaxed atmosphere and the spirited realization of Ocean’s Eleven further add to the charm of the film, which is bathed in a jazzy soundtrack of the most beautiful effect.

Speedfoot to the floor for this chase at 100 an hour (Disney +)

In Los Angeles, criminal Howard Payne places a bomb on a bus. It will explode if it rolls below a certain speed. While the driver is seriously injured, Annie Porter, a passenger, takes his place. Jack Traven, a policeman from the anti-gang squad, manages to break into the vehicle and succeeds in diverting the bus towards a disused highway… For his first feature film as a director, Speed, the director of photography Jan de Bont, very inspired, demonstrates a fine mastery of rhythm and action. It must be said that he is helped by a very convincing Keanu Reeves and by a Sandra Bullock on the road to glory.

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Impossible missionand Tom Cruise becomes the icon we all know today (Netflix)

Jim Phelps is the head of the Mission Impossible department. He brings together his best elements, including his wife, Claire, and his assistant, Ethan Hunt, to be part of a CIA commando sent to Prague for a delicate mission… Twenty-two years since the legendary 1960s series Impossible mission landed on the big screen, with Tom Cruise as a glamorous and heroic spy! Since then, five parts have followed in a much more nervous style. But this first opus, signed Brian De Palma, retains all its charm thanks in particular to its devious script and its five-star international cast.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the former couple Pitt – Jolie more charismatic than ever! (Disney+)

In New York, Mr. and Mrs. Smith spins the perfect love. John is a building engineer, Jane is the head of a computer company. But appearances are deceptive. John is actually a hitman for a secret organization and Jane an enforcer selling her services to the highest bidders. Unaware of each other’s true profession, they will find themselves competing on the same contract. Very amusing, the film has gone down in history as having allowed the meeting between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Both obviously show a great bond. Between romanticism, sensuality and action, this ultra-muscular bun creping is very catchy. Great show.

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Baby Driver, step on the pedal and warm up the engine! (Netflix)

In Atlanta, Baby, a talented young driver, pays off a debt by regularly driving Doc’s henchmen, a criminal, during their bank robberies. His life changes when he meets Debora, a waitress with whom he falls in love. On one of the most classic canvases, Edgar Wright signs, with Baby Driver, a stylized thriller, with a perfect soundtrack and a luxury cast. Young Ansel Elgort and Lily James sparkle in this buzzing feature film.

Atomic BlondeCharlize Theron in one of her most physical roles (Prime Video)

In the 1980s, Lorraine, an MI6 agent, is sent on a mission to Berlin where she must find an eccentric colleague. And she will have to deploy all her skills to stay alive during her impossible mission… With Atomic Blonde, the director David Leitch signs an action film under amphetamines, where Charlize Theron turns out to be indeed explosive! In addition to her eccentric looks, the actress performs completely crazy stunts that will have you glued to your couch.

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