Parc Zombillénium is back in the hands of its employees

Arthur De Pins closes his Zombillénium series, which has evolved into six albums. But spin-offs are in the works.

Six albums, an animated film, a planned TV series, a music video for an indie rock band. In a short time, Arthur de Pins succeeded in imposing his Zombillénium series, born in a short story for a Spirou Halloween special, in the graphic universe, with a slightly geek tendency. “The film certainly contributed to setting up the universe and carried the comic book series. Some characters in the second cycle come from the film elsewhere… Otherwise, it’s true that I can’t really explain what fairly rapid success”, admits the author, without false modesty.

A success that does not prevent him from stopping his series, on a final climax. This sixth volume will be the last in this formula. With a Homeric witch fight, a clever mix of Quidditch and flying broomsticks where all shots are obviously allowed. But the outcome of this Sabbath Grand derby will determine the future and ownership of Zombillenium Park and the souls it contains. A big issue. With, implicitly, a beautiful criticism of online betting and reality TV.

Permanent closure?

“These are elements that I touch on in the albums, but which could be explored in a new series or in a one shot.”

Arthur DePrins

author of Zombillenium

A colorful ending for the main series, but Arthur de Pins does not definitively close the door to his monster park established somewhere in the North between low clouds and settlements. “There are characters or events that could clearly be spin-offs: how little Lucie, present in the film, became Charlotte, a terrible witch in the albums, what relationship does she have with Gretchen, for example? How did Francis create the park there? These are elements that I touch on in the albums, but which could be explored in a new series or in a one shot.

Arthur de Pins admits it himself, his panoply of monsters and demons is based on all the clichés of the genre, between skeletons, zombies, vampires and other werewolves. But the originality is to have placed them in a very business and social universe of the operation of the amusement park as a business. Which gives the two themes, the fantastic on the one hand and the social on the other, a totally offbeat approach. With a lot of humor in the first volumes, with a little more seriousness in the second cycle. “At the beginning, it was only a parody of the life of the company with monsters. But from volume three, I clearly got caught up in the game of the soap opera. Taken by the intrigue of the filiations, the characters , of capitalism. We are less and less in caricature. Capitalism is something quite terrifying by the way!“, confides De Pins.

Series: Zombillenium volume 6

Arthur DePrins

Edited by Dupuis

56 p. – 15.5€

Note from L’Echo:

We feel it, De Pins does not want to let go of his monsters, his demons and his witches. “The first three albums were enjoyable. Creating such a free and delirious universe is a real pleasure. After the movie, which came halfway through, we had to start closing doors and orienting ourselves towards the end. It’s more complicated and a bit frustrating. But we can’t draw the theme in length either.”

Parc Zombillénium is back in the hands of its employees