Prime Video movies in October 2022: Chase with Gerard Butler, Time Is Up 2 with Bella Thorne, Backstage

Prime Video in October 2022 offers streaming among the exclusive Chase with Gerard Butler, Backstage – Behind the scenes and Time Is Up 2 with Bella Thorne.

Prime Videos in October 2022 it will present a substantial number of exclusives and productions Amazon Original. We review the films on the platform throughout the month, keeping in mind that among the third-party films, works such as Baaria and Malena (from 10 October), Sliding Doors (already available), The Grinch and Love doesn’t go on vacation (since 15).

Prime Video, the originals and exclusives of October 2022

The proposal of original and exclusive productions of Prime Videos for the month of October 2022 begins with two documentaries. In Red Valley – We are what we hear (in the service from 3), we start from the observation that Italians listen to music 19 hours a week, and from the setting of the Red Valley Festival, where they performed among others Blanco, Marrakech, Nuclear Tactical Penguins, Fabri Fibra, Irama, Psalm, Mr Rain, The Three, Shablo and Paula Zukar. Everyone expresses an opinion on the relationship between Italy and music.
From 5 October another documentary, The music of 007 (The Sound of 007 – 60 Years of Bond) chronicles the six decades of music composed for i James Bond movie, from Agent 007 – License to kill with Sean Connery to the latest Daniel Craig of No Time To Die. Who was behind those musical hits that made the history of cinema?
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In Chase with Gerard Butlerfrom 10 on Prime Video, Will tries to understand what is behind the mystery disappearance of his wife Lisa, at a gas station, while together they were heading to her parents. The authorities are uncooperative and Will decides to handle it himself. Directed by Brian Goodman, in the cast there is also Jaimie Alexander in the role of Lisa.
Catherine Called Birdywritten and directed by Lena Dunham, is instead set in 1290, at Stonebridge, where the very young Lady Catherine refuses an arranged marriage to save her house from decline. With Belle Ramsey, from 7 October.

From 13 October the Italian Backstage – Behind the scenes by Cosimo Alemà tells the story of nine boys who compete in exhausting singing and dancing rehearsals at the Sistina in Rome, to obtain four parts: which of them will make it? Who will collapse? Who will stay out? The film is interpreted by newcomers chosen from 1400 candidates, for a selection no less demanding than that told in the feature film.

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Since October 21 there is then Argentina, 1985screened at the last Venice Film Festival: it is the true story of the prosecutors Julio Strassera, Luis Moreno Ocampo and their young legal team, who challenged the dictatorship to give justice to its victims.
Come back Bella Thorne in Time Is Up 2 by Elisa Amoruso, where Vivien and Roy (Benjamin Mascolo) will travel to his homeland, Sicily: however, the visit will awaken memories and people left behind, putting a strain on the couple.
From October 28 on Run Sweetheart Runsingle mother Cherie (Ella Balinska) accepts a job meeting with a charismatic Ethan (Pilou Asbæk), an important businessman who, however, proves to be a dangerous maniac by the end of the evening… but something worse could be behind it …
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Prime Video movies in October 2022: Chase with Gerard Butler, Time Is Up 2 with Bella Thorne, Backstage – Behind the scenes