Propaganda Live and Diego Bianchi? What a pity the red teacher

Luke Beatrice

With the right in government, it was to be expected that satire would regain altitude, sharpen its claws to show itself as fierce as it had been at the time of the Berlusconi. Even if time passes, actors and times change, for television humor the workhorses always remain the same and “Propaganda Live”, the successful program hosted by Diego “Zoro” Bianchi on A7 proves it amply.

We go back to talking about migrants exactly as when Salvini was minister of the interior, with the same methods of eternal return for which it would be enough to replace one video with another and everything would be the same, even the comments of the experts, then as now. More than anything else, it beats on one obsession: the suppository cultural superiority, and consequently ethics, of the left. They are cultured, we louts, this is the assumption in a few words and to prove it, smiles of arrogance, winks between friends, nudges to seal the understanding of the righteous, it’s all about proposing and highlighting gaffes, mistakes, oversights that only the generous left-handed intelligence puts right, to signal the foolishness and ignorance of the opponent. A good school of writing or dramaturgy is enough to suggest that any sentence, extracted from a wider context, is easily exploitable. Bad satire television is like this, it still uses the old blob system (in the fake interview with Minister Sangiuliano last episode the parody effect recalls Arbore’s programs, 40 years later), with the web variant, where, moreover, it is true , they write a sea of ​​nonsense, without thinking about it or even rereading it, which should be done regularly in order not to incur disasters.

“Propaganda Live” brings together everything I don’t like about TV, the air of the snobbish left that you breathe right from the design of the studio, in the clothing of its conductor (a horrid Tshirt too tight to mark the belly), as well as the garrulous voice; I hate the expert tone of the expert, I would abolish the schoolteachers with the red pen who explain to the favorites and give grades to the others. In particular, again in last Friday’s episode, the right stumbles, to tell the truth avoidable with a slight foresight (experts have some, ask Vittorio Sgarbi or me before making a decision, we are happy to lend cultural mutual aid), concerned the history of art, that’s why I feel called into question. A questionable interpretation of impressionist painting and Gauguin, open the sky: it should be explained to the authors that great art is never univocal, that a painting is not a mathematical formula, therefore it does not correspond to the principle of accuracy, as well as a book or a movie. But no, there is only one truth, theirs, woe to whoever it is.

During the interminable three hours of the programme, several exponents of the new government were targeted for their ignorance in the cultural field, with an aggressiveness of tone that we didn’t even remember at the time of Bondi or Galan. But there is an advantage: the left, in terms of tone, has remained that of Capalbi, unbearable and pedantic, the right can start studying and learning quickly, with less anxiety to appear, better checking the statements. They would be venial sins, however annoying, compared to the main narrative, the drama of migration. And here we notice the difference: even the right is concerned about the humanitarian emergency (of citizens and refugees) and seeks solutions of a political and social nature. The left, especially the one so well represented on TV, vents itself with the pornography of pain, at times inhuman, always voyeuristic and cynical, whose main purpose is to use piety to intimidate the adversary. “Propaganda Live”, in short, brings old vices passed off as new to prime time. It will be difficult to find a dialogue, on culture and obviously on the rest.

Propaganda Live and Diego Bianchi? What a pity the red teacher