“Reboot”: what is this quasi

Rivalries, insecurities, baseness, bedtime: under the magnifying glass, Hollywood is not pretty pretty, and is much less dreamy: the proof with this new delirium from the creator of “Modern Family”. If not always funny, it smells of experience!

We don’t tell you anything: for many months, fashion has been for “reboots” on small screens and in streaming, which means that we bring back old series by dusting them off. “The House Party”

‘CSI’, ‘Dexter’, ‘The Prince of Bel-Air’, ‘Fantastic Island’, ‘Sex and the City’, ‘Queer As Folk’, ‘Pretty Little Liars’, ‘Gossip Girl’ and, this September 19, “Code Quantum”: the list of recent reboots is endless, and they clearly gave an idea to Steven Levitan, who delighted millions of people with “Modern Family”.

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With a smirk, the man has indeed created “Reboot”, a series bordering on parody where we are witnessing, in Universal studios in Hollywood, the setting up of the return of the sitcom “Step Right Up”, which had its heyday in the early 2000s. The idea is to bring back its main actors, but to hire a head scriptwriter – showrunner – and up-to-date authors. For the first position, it is Hannah (played by Rachel Bloom, revealed by “Crazy Ex-girlfriend) who wins the bet. But the tone that she and her team struggle to lay for this comeback often clashes with Gordon (Paul Reiser), the producer of the more traditional original series, who goes to recruit a horde of old screenwriters for abound in its direction. This gives us scenes of writing meetings that we know are modeled on the realist, but are nonetheless surreal and not stung by beetles.

Hannah wants to give a modern twist to “Step Right Up” – which we will relate to “Madame is served” – a product of the Hulu streaming service, which is precisely the one that offers “Reboot”, and launched the first three of its eight episodes this Tuesday, September 20. Talk about an abyss!

Among the comedians recalled — and won over with a sizable paycheck — is Reed, played by Keegan-Michael Key, who plays Bree’s (Judy Greer) husband, and had an affair with her in real life. A good part of an episode is devoted to a scene of bed during the rehearsal of which, already, Reed, gives himself a solid erection. And this is where we discover the progress that has been made in terms of cache-sex, tricks and prostheses on the sets. Funny! We will also mention Clay Barber, camped by Johnny Knoxville (whom we no longer present), a former stand-up comedian with a sordid past. He hangs out with Zach’s mother (Calum Worthy), who played her son in the original version of “Right Step Up.”

Should it be specified? This novelty takes us behind the scenes of a decor that we know to be less than rosy, occupied by people with excessive egos, ambition and insecurity, who are jealous of each other and/or air in an actor’s caravan… And then there are those actors who have fallen into oblivion, or who have never noticed, and would do anything to catch a little light. Finally, there are the generational conflicts, accurately described by someone who knows what he is talking about. With this, Levitan has fun placing a magnifying glass on not very clean underwear. The result, super sarcastic of course, makes fun of the world of entertainment and has only one claim: to desacralize it in the eyes of all those who still see Hollywood with pink Mickey glasses.

And if his humor sometimes misses the mark because he is over-phoned, the situations in themselves are worth the detour so much they smell of experience. Unless it is deemed too specifically American, this series is intended, in Belgium, for Disney +.

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