Reborn, the film about Manuel Bortuzzo tonight on Rai 1

In prime time tonight 8 May the long-awaited television film Rebirth dedicated to the incredible story of Manuel Bortuzzo, the swimming talent competing for the Olympics in a wheelchair after being hit by a bullet for mistaken identity.

At 2 am on February 2, 2019 the life of Manuel Bortuzzo, a young great promise of swimming competing for a place in the Olympics, has changed forever. For an exchange of person he was hit by a bullet in the back of the outskirts of Rome. A story that has affected all of Italynot as much as the courage with which Bortuzzo faced his unfortunate fate, which he spoke about in a book, Reborn – the year I started winning againwhich it has now become a television film with the same title broadcast tonight, May 8, 2022, in prime time on Rai 1.

Born againdirected by Umberto Marinowho wrote it together with Michela Stranierosees as protagonists Giancarlo Commare in the role of Manuel Bortuzzo And Alessio Boni in those of the father. Together with them in the cast also Gea Dall’Orto, Salvatore Nicolella, Francesca Beggio, Pietro Giannini, Giorgia Frank, Federico Antonucci, Sara Avallone and David Coco.

A touching storythe one of Born againwhich saw the two protagonists dedicate themselves with great intensity and passion to telling a story of dramatic misfortune, but also of ability to start over, to be reborn precisely. As she wrote in his book about her, Manuel BortuzzoI learned how much it is worth crying, suffering, sacrificing oneself, in order to achieve a result we care about, because satisfaction repays all the effort. I have known the abyss of despair, and I have come out, now I can tell, on my own legs. The only way I know to be reborn “.

Reborn is a film that starts from a bookwhich in turn tells a true and contemporary story “, said Umberto Marino.” The protagonist is a boy who has been able to arouse solidarity and sympathy embodying positive values ​​and the hope of succeeding while the country and the world were immersed in pandemic fears. In tackling this story, already from the writing, I let myself be guided by some moral and aesthetic priorities. Manuel Bortuzzo and his family are not the heirs of someone whose story I wanted to tell, they live now, in the same world I live in, so I set out to treat them with politeness and modesty, extracting from their story what could also be important for all of us. Manuel Bortuzzo is a swimmer and therefore I made sure that the water and the call of the water were present in the film as often as possible “.

The story of Rebirth

Two guys dancing together for the first time. They are in love. The boy is a promise of swimming. The morning before the party he managed to “make time” that will lead him to the Olympics. His dreams are coming true. Two gunshots aimed at the wrong person. He wasn’t the target. Manuel ends up in a wheelchair.

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Reborn, the film about Manuel Bortuzzo tonight on Rai 1