Review of Everything Everywhere All at Once (Film, 2022)

REVIEW / FILM REVIEW: After staging the friendly “Swiss Army Man”, directors Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan are back with a new madness: “Everything Everywhere All at Once”. Review of a multiversal madness!

Everything Everywhere All at Once : the multiverse as you’ve never seen it

Worn by Michelle Yeoh, Everything Everywhere All at Once recounts the fate of Evelyn Wang. This woman in her fifties is exhausted. She no longer understands her family, no longer supports her work and is crumbling under taxes and administrative pressures. She then finds herself immersed in the depths of the multiverse., ready to travel between universes to discover some of her alternate lives. Decidedly, after the recent Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the concept of the multiverse has been in vogue lately. But the two Marvel blockbusters can get dressed up so much Everything Everywhere All at Once is a total and truly stunning success!

Everything Everywhere All at Once ©A24

The Daniels offer a work of overflowing generosity. They sign a definitely pop movie, which mixes genres with disconcerting ease. It’s quite simple, Everything Everywhere All at Once is a feature film that touches on everything. Science fiction obviously, but also action, comedy, drama and even parody. Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan offer a superb marriage between these different keys, these different genres, with striking ease. A delicious and extremely well-paced cocktail emerges. The 2h20 of the feature film thus pass in a snap of the fingers.

A delicious blend of flavors

Whether it’s action, humor or emotion, each of the film’s dimensions works brilliantly. The emotional springs are to cry, the valves are placed at the right time and especially in the right place, and finally the action scenes take your breath away. Otherwise, difficult to remain insensitive to the questions of our protagonist. Difficult to remain unmoved by his regrets, his doubts, his desires to do better, to do more. Everything Everywhere All at Oncein addition to being a visual rollercoasteraddresses universal themes about passing time, about regrets, about life choices and about love. Our heroine’s introspection is incredibly powerful. The story thus shares a global discourse for all people looking back. Existential questions, which will allow, perhaps, to finally find the way to happiness.

Everything Everywhere All at Once has a very strong visual identity. The feature film mixes, again, genres and styles. The Daniels offer a generous and impressive staging, which borrows from animation, silent cinema, black and white, musical comedy, and even other genres. The creativity is overflowing, and thus takes the audience into splendid worlds. And then emerges a work that takes a brilliant look at the concept of parallel lives.

Everything everywhere all at once
Everything Everywhere All at Once ©A24

The Daniels are quick to quote their elders. The saga Matrixis often mentioned, both the Wachowski films are a reference in the treatment of hidden worlds. The two filmmakers are also inspired excellent Mr Nobody, which is undoubtedly one of the greatest classics regarding parallel lives and the choices that define our existence. The other references are numerous and varied, and we can even detect a discreet homage to The Mask when Joy fights, with her delusional powers, a horde of innocent policemen who try to arrest her.

The film sometimes deliberately places itself in the register of parody (we still have a giant donut that threatens the universe and fingers in the shape of sausages). But this desire to go into a spin to represent the madness of the multiverse never clashes with the rest of the film. It’s even a way to set the work apart. The feature film fears nothing, doubts nothing, and transports its audience on a hallucinatory journey that will make people laugh, cry and above all impress.

Everything Everywhere All at Once by Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan in cinemas from August 31, 2022. Above the trailer. Find all our trailers here.

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