Review Youssef Salem is successful: lies of love

Youssef Salem is successful offers Ramzy Bedia one of his best roles, in addition to signing a new success for the duo Baya Kasmi & Michel Leclerc.

Youssef Salem is successful follows very closely Tastes and colorsa previous collaboration between Baya Kasmi and Michel Leclerc, which already explored societal fractures and prejudices, this time around the world of song. We thus owe the duo some great successes, the essential Name of people to the most recent Class strugglepassing through the unfairly stopped The Grand Bazaar, in serial format on television. The result of their cinema is a political taste centered on the human, constantly questioning the clichés inherent in religion, without taboos and with great humanity. Youssef Salem is successful thus not escaping the rule. Because the seventh collaboration of the duo, best realization of Baya Kasmi, is a generous compilation of all their cinema.

family defeat

Youssef Salem is a failed writer. When he finally found success at age 45 with Toxic Shockbased largely on his own family, trouble will pile up. Because Youssef comes from a Muslim family in which taboos reign, and above all lies: we are thus silent about the homosexuality of a sister, whose companion and daughter are transfigured into a roommate, the depression of a sister, practicing Muslim, and alcoholism, in addition to the failed writing career of a son, who completely eludes success. And if Ramzy Bedia finds here one of his best roles, the feature film by Baya Kasmi also digs with great generosity into all the subjects dear to his cinema, with a constantly renewed talent.


Because if his first feature film, I’m yours right nowdealing with prostitution and religion strayed with many of its immense subjects, the filmmaker seems to have found the right tempo here. Youssef Salem is successful turns out to be, in addition to a successful comedy, a perfect synthesis of all the duo’s themes, dealing here without any heaviness with religion, the portrait of a suburban family, celebrity, and the place of imposter faced by a successful Muslim. Because Youssef Salem is successful is not so much a film about success as a much deeper portrait of the family and the unspoken things that poison life, of a population left behind who wanted to make their place in full discretion.

Neither god nor letters

The screenplay by Baya Kasmi and Michel Leclerc thus explores with great talent this perpetual impostor complex suffered by many Muslims, suffocated between traditions, religion and the famous national novel, in which it is complicated to be oneself. Glory is thus not the same for everyone, and prejudices always reign supreme when one tries to appropriate the family history of an author who only dreamed of a simple declaration of love. family, transfigured into necessarily controversial success, taken up and interpreted by strangers betraying his words to deliver the message that suits them. Everything sounds so right, even when the duo has fun parodying literary shows, until Koh-Lanta, where the acuity of the duo always rings right, never getting lost in an always generous momentum.

Review Youssef Salem is successful

Youssef Salem is successful and thus turns out to crunch the small stories in the big one, those of individuals rejected from the national picture, having nevertheless given their lives to contribute to it. With the terrifying shadow of Jean-Marie Le Pen as the antagonist kidnapping and killing Muslim child thieves, and the reassuring shadow of Bernard Pivot’s dictation, Baya Kasmi’s feature film thus sheds light on a family that is ultimately very common, where behind the lies hides an overflowing love. Pride hides behind what is not said, and behind success lies the soul of a grown-up child, who just dreams of writing, voluntarily scattering a few spelling mistakes so that his father can come and correct them.

Youssef Salem is successful is currently in theaters.



love lies

Youssef Salem has success proves to be a new success for the duo Baya Kasmi & Michel Leclerc, asserting themselves quite obviously as two of our best French screenwriters. In addition to offering one of his best roles to Ramzy Bedia, the feature film is appreciated as a synthesis, always so generous and inspired by their cinema, tackling without heaviness religion, prejudices and above all a family portrait overflowing with ‘love.

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Review Youssef Salem is successful: lies of love