“Rick and Morty” on Netflix: a crazy series to be reserved for adults

An enlightened scientist takes his grandson on a series of spatiotemporal galleys. “Rick and Morty” shares its starting synopsis with “Back to the Future” and for good reason: originally, its creator wanted to parody the series of cult films from the 1980s. A trashy and completely crazy satire, where we follow the grandfather — arguably the most intelligent man in the universe… but also the most alcoholic — and his grandson in space and time. The adventures follow one another… Or rather the cascading suites of collateral damage. When Rick has an idea in mind, better not get in his way!

But beware: any animated series whatsoever, “Rick and Morty” is not for your toddlers. The number of swear words per minute should dissuade you from showing it to them, the belches that serve as punctuation for the main character as well… It’s sometimes gratuitous and nasty, and the humor of the series remains very dark. Cynicism and the victims of the “hero” pile up. For him, lives don’t matter much. His grandson is regularly devastated by it, but how funny!

A free but never absurd tone

In this fifth season as in the previous four, available on Netflix, the series (us) talks about life and its worries, between two visits to aliens. To grow up for Morty, an eternal preteen in love, cowardly and shy. About the difficult relationship between Rick and his daughter Beth. From the former’s detestation for his stepson Jerry. About the place of the family… Especially when a mad scientist puts her in danger every seventeen seconds or so. And what’s crazy is that you can always identify with the characters. The tone remains very free, but never absurd: the series connects the jokes – often salacious, it must be said – but can touch everyone.

The series also tackles the question of identity, because Rick and Morty no longer know very well who they are. When they live the equivalent of a life on a planet with a different temporality, as in the episode which opens this season. Or when they travel between universes, encounter other versions of themselves in one of those famous “multiverses” that are very fashionable at the moment. In some worlds, Rick suppressed humanity… He didn’t necessarily do it on purpose—he might have been drunk—but that doesn’t make him hot or cold. In this season’s second episode, Rick and Morty hunt and eliminate their own clones: the show makes a point of misleading the viewer, preventing them from knowing which Rick and Morty to trust.

Available on the N rouge platform since its surprise release on August 25, the series rose to the top of the top 10 series in France two days later. Jealously guarded exclusively by the American channel Adult Swim for a year, this fifth season has yet arrived on Netflix.

“The real ones are waiting for September 5”, tackles the Adult Swim Twitter account in response. Indeed, the sixth season of “Rick and Morty” will be released next month on the very exclusive platform of the American channel: in France, only Molotov, Bouygues or Free subscribers, for an additional 2.99 euros per month , will be able to take advantage of this exclusivity.

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rick and morty », American animated series by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon (2021), with the voices in VF of Alain Eloy and Thibaut Delmotte… Season 5, 10 x 22 minutes, On Netflix.

“Rick and Morty” on Netflix: a crazy series to be reserved for adults