Rick and Morty: season 6 and everything there is to know about the series

The new episodes of the show created by Roiland and Harmond were supposed to arrive in streaming in September, but the wait still seems long …

Rick And Morty is an animated series that has reached its sixth season and created by Justin Roiland And Dan Harmon for Adult Swim (US container program at night on Cartoon Network). In Italy it is distributed by Netflix: the episodes of the five seasons are available on the streaming platform, waiting for the new ones.

Rick And Morty: the plot of the animated series

Rick is a scientist who lives with his daughter Beth, a horse heart surgeon. From creating narcotic and sometimes useless hi-tech gadgets, he moves on to dangerous transdimensional adventures with his nephews Morty and Summer. Season 5 ended with an evil Morty from another dimension escaping through a golden portal to an unknown destination.

When is the sixth season coming?

Rick and Morty has gained over the years an audience of fans who have made it Rick And Morty a cult phenomenon: for these reasons, the sixth season was eagerly awaited, and Netflix should have released it almost simultaneously with the airing overseas, or on September 5th.

This was not the case: and the communication methods were also quite bizarre, as the date change was announced with a comment under the Italian trailer, without Netflix announcing anything on its social channels.

Due to various planets vent and delays in interdimensional TV, Rick And Morty will arrive in Italy on December 1st – but with 6 episodes at once and yes, even Morty, sadly”: There is no lack of irony, but unfortunately it will therefore be necessary to wait a long time.

As for the conclusion of the series, the news is better: confirmed the 70 episodes (from the fourth season) commissioned by Adult Swim before the conclusion, which will allow the series to reach 2026 without counting the possibility of new agreements from now on. until then.

Rick and Morty: Nihilism to laugh at

Nobody belongs anywhere, everyone will die: come and watch TV“.

Rick and Morty: Season 6 ... and everything you need to know about Netflix's cult series

Is there a sentence that contains a nihilistic soul that is more exemplary and powerful than this one? It should not be surprising, however, to think that it comes from an animated TV series, given that in recent years some of the most representative things of our most dramatic actuality have come from this bubbling cauldron (above all, the omnipresent Simpson and the various more or less spurious children, such as Family Guy), with a libertarian and politically incorrect spirit.

Without thinking that, as someone said, comedy is more time drama: Rick And Morty it is, to date, one of the most incisive contemporary television serials in general, which despite the six years that have passed since its conception has not lost its enamel and even the desire to amaze and transform itself, rotating freely on itself.

The mood can be defined as cosmic fantahorror, in the moment in which it links hundreds of quotations taken by hopping here and there from the known and lesser known sci-fi and fantasy genres (but on the other hand it could only be so, since initially it was just a parody of the Back to the Future Zemeckisiandesigned by Justin for the Channel 101 Short Film Festival; and even Christopher Lloyd seems to have to play Rick in a still mysterious live action film…).

The staging seems to start from the well-known and consolidated rules of sit-coms, with a home comedy composed of self-contained episodes: but it is from the first seasons that the show of Roiland And Harmond he enjoys shuffling the cards in a sort of ordered chaos that follows the shadow of the protagonist character, Rick, an alcoholic and depressed genius.

A subversive serial

Rick And Morty is and is confirmed as a partially serialized story that follows a long-distance horizontal plot, while wisely using the canon (parallel universes, dimensional gaps, extraterrestrial races) without ever losing awareness of one’s own metatelevision existence: the composition of the episodes refers to an excessive, complex, layered product, yet extraordinarily immediate to a first viewing that knows how to entangle the viewer by entangling him in a fascinating narrative frame.

Which is built around a nucleus with a gigantic subversive potential, pulsating with metal-literary grafts, a hymn to that ordered chaos mentioned above. The quotation, as well as the sudden and astonishing rotation between different genres and tones, are fundamental ingredients of a creation in which the authors put the infinite as the object of the narration. Without forgetting the specific weight given to the characters, sketched on the drawing board and disjointed in their stupid melancholy, in their nihilism, in their existential philosophy that is contained in that sentence read at the beginning. Self nothing is uselessto quote Pirandello, you can do anything, without rules or constraints.


Rick And Morty it’s a little one pamphlet on depression and the chaos that derives from it, with a brilliant artist’s touch in the reinterpretation, fusion and extremeization of the themes visited.

After 6 seasons, and 60 episodes (passed the halfway point of the fifth season, given that Adult Swim has given the green light and commissioned episodes up to a tenth), internal coherence and mythology not only do not let their guard down but rather they raise more and more the bar of a horizon that becomes free and anarchic from every point of view.

Rick and Morty: season 6 and everything there is to know about the series