Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 2: Die Hard with a Religion

rick and morty attacks diehard and to… theology in the second episode of season 6.

Although its peak (season 3) is still behind it, rick and morty remains extremely popular, especially among our readers. Evidenced by the number of clicks on our review of the first episode of season six, much higher than expected. It’s quite logical, when you think about it: after a disappointing season 4 and a season 5 which was betting on changing gears in terms of the characterization of its characters, we were all impatient to discover these new adventures.

What if the first episode of season 6 of rick and morty showed a new facet of the series, the second explores anotherwith Peter Dinklage as a guest star.

Ho, Ho, Ho.

A classic Rick and Morty adventure

The first episode of this season set out to solve (almost) all the problems raised by the demented finale of the previous season. It was devoted to the evolutions of the small Smith / Sanchez family and Rick, now largely descended from its pedestal. His sequel prefers to find the formula rick and morty classicexcept that the famous Portal Gun is still unusable.

So it’s the arcade game Roy, already seen before, which acts as a gateway to another universe, in this case a virtual reality where Morty’s personality is divided among the billions of NPCs in the game, leaving Rick no choice but to convince the world’s population to come together to save their grandson, at the risk of creating a religion altogether. While in the real world, Summer tries to keep the aliens who have fallen on them busy by making a “Die Hard”. That’s bad: his opponent is a fan.

Rick and Morty: PicturesRemember season 2

From rick and morty pure juice: two very rich intrigues simultaneously occupy the more than 20 minutes of episode thanks to an alternate assembly which ends up linking the adventures between them. On the one hand, the scenario has fun parodying, then pirating a choice piece of pop culture, namely therefore Crystal trap. On the other, he seizes a pure science fiction concept, or rather he borrows a concept already formulated previously in the series, and takes it to the firmament of its possibilities, even if it means spreading the narrative over several decades. . All contributing to a rather exhilarating impression of density.

In principle, it’s risky, since it dares to make fun of the favorite action film of those who swear only by American cinema and even allows itself a small spade in the Snyder Cut, which is frankly suicidal when it comes to science fiction fans on the internet – we know something about it. He is also rather inventive, but we must admit that without Morty, without a whole Morty, the absence of the humorous discrepancy which constitutes the alloy of the best is felt.

Rick and Morty: Pictures“How do you only see 5?”

God McClane

Still, it is a fine demonstration of the screenwriters’ subtlety. These could have been content to parody Crystal trap broadly, like many before them. And they assume their pastiche explicitly. But they had to add this brilliant idea: Summer must play the John McClane… without having seen the film. Postulate which creates gags, adds a dose of intertextuality, but which also confers a thematic coherence to the whole.

Because in this way, John McTiernan’s film takes on the appearance of a modern monomyth, cultural mould. We couldn’t pay him a better homage: in rick and mortypopular culture is a universe in its own right, in which successful blockbusters are equivalent to The Iliad and The Odyssey. The series had already ventured to mock Campbell’s theses during season 4, causing a good part of the public to misunderstand (it was a bit of a mess). She repeats the experience with a little more restraint and a lot more malice.

Rick and Morty: PicturesSoon the parody of Predator?

Indeed, it thus connects the two accounts, since the epic of the Rick guru in spite of himself in Roy It also refers to a form of essential and unifying narration of very specific behaviors… be a religion, despite the protests of the scientist. We quickly connect the dots and see in it a canonization of Crystal trap, not frankly ridiculous when you know how much the feature film has become a Western institution. After all, aren’t we talking about “cult” works?

Here’s how to parody without getting bored: by attacking the archetypes, of course, but above all by having fun with the scope of the original material. In short, by energetically stripping the mechanics of the general public cinema without despising it. A perilous exercise in which the series of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon became mistress.

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Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 2: Die Hard with a Religion