Rick and Morty: season 6 gets off to a flying start

Season 6 of “Rick and Morty” arrives this Monday, September 5 in France on Adult Swim. Still directed by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, this new season once again promises to be exciting. Focus on the first two episodes.

rick and morty season 6: parody and journey in the multiverse

In 2013, the duo Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland created one of the best contemporary adult animated series. In just a few episodes, the show has established itself as an essential work for fans of the genre, but also for science fiction enthusiasts. The starting postulate is just a parody of Back to the future, with a mad scientist, Rick Sanchez, who takes his grandson, Morty, on totally crazy adventures. But the comparison ends here. Because this similarity with Back to the future is just a pretext. An excuse to create a comedy seriesbut also adventure and action, in a sci-fi universe that seems to be limitless.

rick and morty ©Adult Swim

Thereby, rick and morty is back on Adult Swim for its sixth season. A new lap that will contain 11 episodes. We had the chance to watch the first two chapters of this new season. And once more, It’s amazing !

The best in their field

If the multiverse is all the rage right nowin particular thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) but also thanks to the recent and excellent Everything Everywhere All at Once, rick and morty finally has nothing to envy to these other works. Because Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have been exploiting these ideas of parallel worlds for many years now.

Now that they have competition, the duo decides to go even further. The first episode of this new season is based entirely on alternate world themes. Again, in only 20 minutes, the two artists offer a deep dive into these complex and exciting themes. An aesthetically superb conceptual episode with unsuspected depth. Despite a short format, the series rick and morty has already proven in the past that this framework is not an obstacle to his creativity.

rick and morty
rick and morty ©Adult Swim

The proof with this new episode which takes viewers to the depths of the multiverse and to the origins of our characters. The series offers a totally meta angle, in which Rick, but also Morty, discover their homelands. A way to lose the public a little more about the identity of its heroes. Are Rick and Morty the originals, or copies replaced as the show progresses? This first episode responds to this existential question and central to the development of the series. The show does not hesitate either to offer new connections with certain opuses from previous seasons. It’s funny, unexpected and once again totally meta.

The series also remains in parody by proposing pastiches of cult films. This new season opens via a caricature of the intro scene ofAvengers: Endgamewhile episode 2 offers a hilarious rewrite of the first diehard. As usual, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are not out of inspiration, and this new season should take viewers to new horizons. In any case, rick and morty is unquestionably the “Goat” of American animated series for adults!

For those lucky enough to have an Adult Swim membership, a new episode of this season 6 of rick and morty will be broadcast every Monday.

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