Russia, the New Year’s show is a serious Hello 2022 with lots of propaganda

The First Channel of Russian State TV, Russia-1 (Russia-1), proposed as every year its New Year’s Eve television, or “Голубой Огонёк” (in Italian, Blue light), the first in time of war or better, as it is defined by the propaganda, of “special operation of denazification of the territory of Ukraine“. The patriotic and propaganda tone, of course, underpins the entire long program that was born as a ‘remake’ of the Soviet-era program of the same name, aired after Vladimir Putin’s End of the Year Speech (5 minutes broadcast to unified networks at 11.55pm on 31 December).

Thanks to the advice of our reader Vitja Smirnov, we were able to ensure the veracity of the sources and materials posted in the last few hours by Julia Davis (creator of Russian Media Monitor, “sanctioned by Russia, member of member of The Emmys“, as stated in his Twitter bio) who tweeted a rather significant excerpt from the New Year’s Eve party of the second most watched channel in Russia, a direct emanation of the second channel of public television of the USSR, or the Central Television of the Soviet Union which it stopped broadcasting in 1991, when what is now called Russia-1 was born.

“My New Year’s toast is going to be a little unusual. Over the past year, the West has been trying to destroy Russia. They have not realized that Russia is the backbone of the world. Well yes, gentlemen. Like it or not, Russia is expanding”

says one of the doyens of the Russian comedy scene, well known since the times of the USSR, among the smiles of the audience, Yevgeny Petrosyan, who shored up the evening, almost 4 hours long (and which you can see in full on Youtube), with quips and jokes that poked fun at living conditions in the invaded Ukraine, dubbed “southern Russian territory,” as David reports. A parterre of war heroes, represented by the military in places of honor in the audience, introduced by some of the most influential war correspondents of Russian TV, Alexander Sladkov and Yevgeny Poddubny, took part in the special, full of names dear to Putin’s propaganda, as it highlights Meduza in his dedicated article.

A party that looks like the non-parodied version of Hello 2021

As Meduza explains, the tradition of New Year’s entertainment of Russia-1 was respected in the guests, in the performances, in the construction of the show, which saw the participation of some of the most well-known faces of the Russian artistic scene, from Polina Gagarina to Sergey Lazarev, engaged in performing excerpts from Soviet-era films, alternating with dances of folk inspiration, songs of melodic tradition, but also rappers and pop singers. Music is the main content of this show – which in this format also follows our successful format, with the alternation of old musical glories and new pop voices to accompany the audience between the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one .

What really strikes in this show is the mix between scenography and characters on the field: the smiles of North Korean enthusiasm, the reverse shots that support the patriotic declarations and the space granted to the military, but most of all the composition of the guests’ parterre, that the excerpt tweeted by Davis renders in a really effective way. A roundup that casts doubt on the veracity of the film, they look so much parody. And the whole show has the flavor of a parody, but – unfortunately – it is far from it.

Channel One also inaugurates 2023 as a sign of Russian pride

Channel One (aka that Pervy Kanal that we have come to know with the parody show Hello 2020!emanation of Ivan Urgant’s late show) was no different. The First Channel of Russian public televisionthe most followed by viewers, offered its own musical show, decidedly less 80s than that of Russia-1, which started at 10.50 pm, interrupted at 11.55 pm for Putin’s (short) message, and then went back on the air right at midnight , when the young man appeared on stage Shaman (stage name of the thirty-year-old Yaroslаv Drоnov, already in X Factor and The Voice, who conquered the headlines and above all the record market in the summer of 2022 with a patriotic song to say the least, Ya russkiy (I am Russian), which has become the de facto anthem of supporters of the invasion of Ukraine. It is no coincidence that Shaman has openly supported the Russian invasion and is now one of the most ‘appreciated’ guests on pro-Putin programmes. We can see his performance on the Channel One portal: and one immediately thinks of certain Russian performances at Eurovision (including parody in Fire Saga, Will Ferrell’s ESC film).

The new year doesn’t seem to bring anything good…

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