Salto: This distressing French comedy will soon leave the platform

It was far from a masterpiece. In a few days, the French comedy “The infernal Montparnasse Tower” will be withdrawn from the catalog of the French platform Salto. The film, whose screenplay was co-written by Ramzy Bédia, Eric Judor, Kader Aoun and Xavier Matthieu, is a parody of action feature films such as “Piège de Crystal”, “The Infernal Tower”, “The Matrix” and “The Game of Death”.

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“A Heartbreaking Comedy”

After their appearance in the cult series “H” on Canal+, Eric Judor and Ramzy Bédia took their first steps in the cinema with “La Tour Montparnasse infernale”. The two actors play two not very clever window washers from the Montparnasse tower, confronted with a hostage situation. Throughout the film, the two absurd characters will multiply the gags – more or less successful – to save the lives of the people detained in the building.

On “Allocinated“*, viewers didn’t even give the comedy an average rating with just 2.4 stars out of 5. On the press side, reviews were harsh when the film was released in 2001.”A heartbreaking comedy“, estimated “Liberation”. “Even if the action takes place on the 52nd floor of the Montparnasse tower, the film lacks height, humor or more simply dialogues“, gunned down “Le Figaroscope”.‘La Tour Montparnasse infernale’ is devoid of any pretension, and also (…) of any reference. Eric and Ramzy’s humor does not feed on parody (…) It is based on a few simple pleasures: making faces, talking nonsense, breaking toys“, commented “Le Monde”.

Box office success, fiasco for the prequel

On the other hand, on the side of the box office, “La Tour Montparnasse” had signed a nice result in France. In 2001, 2.08 million fans of the comic duo went to the cinema to watch the film directed by Charles Nemes.

Fifteen years after its release, Eric Judor and Ramzy Bédia released a prequel to the first opus, called “La Tour 2 infernal control”. The action then took place in 1981. The second part tells how the two window washers, at the time Air Force pilots, became stupid. In 2016, the feature film is far from having recorded the same success as the first episode. It had attracted in dark rooms only… 357,801 spectators.

For those nostalgic for the humor of Eric and Ramzy, you only have a few days left to enjoy “La Tour Montparnasse infernale” on Salto, since the comedy leaves the platform next Saturday, November 19.

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Salto: This distressing French comedy will soon leave the platform