Sanremo 2023, the last two co

habemus co-presenters of Sanremo 2023. Three weeks into the 73rd edition of the Festival, in connection with the Tg1, Amadeus announced the two missing names to the four o’clock squad women who will support him from Tuesday 7 to Saturday 11 February. It’s about Chiara Ferragni, Francesca Fagnani, Paola Eognu and Chiara Francini. With them on the stage of the Ariston Theater, also Gianni Morandi. And in the meantime, the names of the first ones arrive international guests.

Sanremo 2023, the presenters: Chiara Ferragni on Tuesday 7 and Saturday 11 February

To open the dance is Clare Ferragnihere I’m Tuesday 7 and Saturday 11. The of him was the first name announced by the conductor and artistic director. However, unlike her co-workers, it’s coming for her a role reminiscent of that of the godmother of the Venice Film Festival.

In fact, she is the only one to be present on two evenings and, not surprisingly, the most important. The Sanremo Festival is his first television experience and inevitably the spotlights are already on. The dress, the staircase, the space that he will have and that he will be able to take during the live broadcast, the feeling with Amadeus, his contribution to the event.

At the Festivàl, everything goes together, even more if it is a name awaited by fans and detractors. Moreover, Ferragni arrives in Sanremo 2023 after years of courtship and after rather insistent rumors about his participation – denied by the facts – a Eurovision 2022. The debut at the Ariston therefore acts as a watershed as it marks a before and after of his career.

Francesca Fagnani co-host of the second evening

Francesca Fagnani arrives on Wednesday 8th. The journalist and conductor Of Beasts will be the co-host of the second evening. It was Amadeus who announced his participation in connection with Fiorello during the first episode Of Long live Rai 2!. The debut at the Ariston serves as a real one consecration after a very successful season.

Last fall, in fact, the program was back on the air with three episodes a week. In spring 2023, however, it will be promoted to prime time. A great achievement for Fagnaniat this point one of the leading faces of television interviews. The public appreciates his style, between the ironic and the sagaciouswhich under a sweet smile hides a real beastly soul.

An attitude that does not go unnoticed and that has attracted the gaze of colleagues. Among all, that of Fiorello, author of a successful parody of the format, renamed Beast.

Francesca Fagnani. (HANDLE)

Paola Egonu in Sanremo 2023 on the third evening

Thursday 9 February it will be the turn of Paula Egonu. The volleyball player arrives on the Ariston stage on the occasion of third night. To announce his participation in the roster of co-hosts was Amadeus during the connection with Tg1 on Sunday 15 January.

Volleyball is not new to the spotlight. After the success achieved with the national team, you began to wink at the world of entertainment. In her resume, the role of voice actress in the Disney animated film Soul – in which he voiced the character of Dream moon – is that of co-host a Hyenas.

Chiara Francini co-host of the fourth evening

Friday 10 Februarythe landlady of the fourth evening will be Chiara Francini. Born in 1979, the Tuscan actress returns to Rai 1 afterwards An uncomfortable legacyTV movie included in the cycle As long as it ends wellwhich aired in 2022. Also in the same year, he starred in Three sistersdirected by Enrico Vanzina and available on Prime Videos.

Next to the career from actresscarry on that of conductor and not only. Between TV Programs in which he has taken part over the years, Stracult, Colorado, free!, Fashion Style, Sunday into, Love me gender And Love me stranger. Furthermore, since 2021 he has been one of the three judges of Drag Race Italythe talent show created by Ru Paul and dedicated to the drag world.

Now in its second edition, it sees in the jury, in addition to Francini, also Priscilla and Tommaso Zorzi. In 2017 she made her debut as a writer with Don’t talk with your mouth fullwhich the novels followed My mother mustn’t know, A happy year And The starry sky purrs.

Chiara Francini, one of the four co-hosts of the Sanremo Festival 2023. (Getty Images)

Sanremo 2023, international and Italian guests

In addition to co-hosts, Amadeus begins to rave about the names of the stars local and not ready to land in the City of Flowers. Among the Italians, after making the trio official Al Bano, Massimo Ranieri and Gianni Morandithey arrive the Poohs. Again, the announcement comes via a video shown at Long live Rai 2!.

«Do you accept my invitation?», Amadeus asks Roby Facchinetti. «We accept your invitation», he replies, «because you have made truly extraordinary festivals. This Festival will be even more so and then you know what that stage for the Poohs is something truly magical». «Music unites and serves to remember. And then on that stage we will play the important songswho have traced our history. Above all we will remember a great friend, Stefano», adds Red Canzian, referring to the drummer Stephen D’Oraziopassed away in 2020.

As for the international guests, Wednesday 8 February i arrive black Eyed Peas. After Fergie’s farewell, the American band is today formed by, and Taboo.


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