Series break: “Friday Night Lights”, “30 Rock” and serial heritage


The disappearance of around sixty HBO series from the OCS catalogue, as a result of the end of the broadcasting contract which linked the two channels until December 31, 2022, was paradoxically accompanied by happy news: the available to subscribers of the complete set of two American series more or less contemporaneous with each other, and both considered gems in their respective categories.

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The first is downright cult and regularly makes its way to the top of the “tops” and other “best of”. Serial version of the eponymous film released in 2004 and directed by Peter Berg, Friday Night Lights tells the story of America from the height of a small town in Texas whose pulse beats to the rhythm of the high school football team. In five seasons, broadcast between 2006 and 2011 and critically acclaimed despite modest audiences (the series is broadcast in the United States on NBC), Friday Night Lights has established itself as one of the finest descriptions of middle America, that of the Friday game and Sunday prayer, of coaches and cheerleadersstay-at-home moms and jocks (stereotype of the sporty teenager, not necessarily very smart). The raison d’être of the series is obviously to go beyond these archetypes to seek, in sublime close-ups shot with a handheld camera, the truth of characters filmed with immense generosity.

Little broadcast on television, Friday Night Lights could experience, over the course of its posting on this or that platform and the interest shown by the media (we salute the work of the critics here, who do not skimp on superlatives to convince you), a resurgence deserved popularity.

Tina Fey, queen of American comedy

We wish the same fate to 30Rock, comedy also cult and not necessarily very popular created in 2006 by Tina Fey, star author of “Saturday Night Live” who has become one of the queens of American comedy. Drawing inspiration from her own experience as a screenwriter, she staged a parody behind the scenes of a humorous program on a major American channel. Surrounded by broken arms and bloated egos, she gives herself the wrong role as a generous but insecure boss, whose only serious relationship is the one she has with her handsome boss, played by Alec Baldwin. . The series was broadcast on Canal+ for a while, before reappearing in 2019 on Prime Video, then migrating to OCS.

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Certainly, the addition of these two titles is very far from compensating for the loss suffered by the withdrawal of HBO, but we can also see an opportunity to get off the novelty train, which is increasingly difficult to follow, for do a bit of seriesphilia.

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Series break: “Friday Night Lights”, “30 Rock” and serial heritage