The new series Marvel Studios, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law arrived at mid-season of his first season, bringing with him many uncertainties about the direction he wants to take, but also many jokes, winks and anticipations to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. The new superhero is played by Tatiana Maslanyprotagonist of the cult series Orphan Blackand is flanked by Jameela Jamil And Ginzer Gonzaga in supporting roles as well as from a plethora of special guest stars from all over the MCU: they come back in fact Mark Ruffalo in the role of Hulk, Benedict Wong in that of Wong, Tim Roth in that of Emil Blonsky / Abominationand very soon it will also appear Charlie Cox in a new version of Matt Murdock / Daredevil.

Who is She-Hulk?

Cover for Sensational She-Hulk # 1 (1989) by John Byrne.

Created in 1980 by Stan Lee And John Buscemathe concept of She-Hulk was born mainly from the television success of The Incredible Hulk And The Bionic Woman: Out of fear that the producers of the Hulk TV Series wanted to introduce a female version of the Jade Giant, Stan Lee decided to get his hands on and create one in the comics, so that he could take advantage of the rights if it was used on television.

That’s how it came out in 1979 The Savage She-Hulk # 1 And Jennifer Walters is introduced to the world: Jennifer is the cousin of Bruce Banner, Hulk himself, who offers himself as a blood donor after an attempt on Jennifer’s life. Since they both share the same blood group, the gamma radiation Bruce’s cause the same superhero reaction in her cousin: when she gets angry, Jennifer also turns into one green and muscular giantess. Thanks to the intervention of MorbiusJennifer is able to have more control over her alter ego, and for this she decides to permanently assume the form of She-Hulk, feeling more confident and resolute than in her human form.

So Jennifer tries to combine her legal work as a lawyer with the new superhero activity: She-Hulk will briefly be part of the Fantastic Four and of Avengers. The character sees a particularly active period in his editorial life starting in 1989, when the author John Byrne takes the reins of the new regular series Sensational She-Hulk: here the character, who had always been teased both in the world of comics and by their readers, it is completely revisited.

She-Hulk NPC Magazine
Vignette from Sensational She-Hulk # 4 (1989) by John Byrne

Byrne makes She-Hulk a character irreverent and ironicand the series is an opportunity to strike up one biting satire on the superhero comic and on the restrictions of the Comic Code Authority (a US cartoonist censorship body, now defunct). To do this, She-Hulk must become aware of being a character in a comic, and therefore breaks the fourth wallwell before it did Deadpoolcreated in 1991: starting from the covers of the books, She-Hulk continues to tease readers and he complains to Byrne himselfstaging squabbles about unsatisfactory plot choices.

After Byrne’s version, She-Hulk continued to stay a funny and provocative character, even if the breaking of the fourth wall never showed up again, until the series She-Hulk: Attorney at Lawwhich remains faithful to the ironic vein that comics adopted after Byrne.

She-Hulk it lacks a definite direction

She-Hulk NPC Magazine

The series of She-Hulk it retains its superhero origins only in part, since that is missing fundamental process for all origin stories: learn a check the new powers. Despite the help of Bruce, which he employed many years in finding the right mental and physical balance to live with the anger and the monster inside him, Jennifer has a immediate and total control on managing emotions and new skills.

This development was unexpected for many viewers, that they did not hesitate to accuse the series of imposing the classic Hollywood feminist propagandaa bit like it happened with Captain Marvel in its time. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law often indulges in explanations of the condition of women in society: catcalling, harassment at work, nocturnal assaultsare current themes that the series only touches on for forget about it soon aftermaking the operation somewhat confusing and giving the impression of being freeor worse to relegate these issues in jokes.

The general direction of the series it is not very clear: Mid-season it’s hard to pinpoint which themes or plot development She-Hulk: Attorney at Law wants to take. Jennifer it is still divided between his world, made of tranquility and worldliness, and that of She-Hulk, chaotic and bigger than her. At first she rejects the identity of She-Hulk, and her name appioppatole from public opinion, but the more time passes the more takes confidence with the Hulkesca form, which gives it more safety it’s a notable advantage in unpleasant or dangerous situations.

However this evolution of the character is extremely fluctuatingsince in the 20 minutes of each episode are condensed many other elements: i cameos of characters from other films and their respective storylines (Abomination is a character who has not been seen again for 13 years after his debut in The Incredible Hulkan emptiness that She-Hulk tries to fill very hurriedly) and le advances of upcoming Marvel projects (after the departure of the Hulk there are rumors of an adaptation of World War Hulk, sequel from Planet Hulkin turn adapted into the MCU in Thor: Ragnarok) distract attention from what the focus of the series.

The parody of the MCU in She-Hulk

She-Hulk NPC Magazine

Maybe one longer duration of each episode would have benefited the management of the plot and the characters, giving more breathing space and allowing more freedom. Even the choice of breaking the fourth wall is superfluous: there is not no narrative reason so Jennifer should be able to interact with the public, if not to make a bland tribute to the historic Byrne series. Jennifer he is not aware to be in one TV series except in those few seconds in which he talks to us, while for the rest of the time remains immersed in the plot of the series. Perhaps the breaking of the fourth wall is a preamble to how the MCU will handle the entry of Deadpool in the cinematic universe, or perhaps it is just the result of a laziness of the screenwriters.

For the rest, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law proves to be one good comedy set in the MCUmanaging to make fun of (and to make fun of): dal bootleg merchandise of the “Avongers” or “Avingers” to virginity of Captain Americafrom the pacifist revisionism of Abomination to magical creatures of New Asgard, She-Hulk is the thing closer to satire of the MCU that Studios have achieved so far, and would have all the potential to go further and make the parody again more evolved and funeven if knowing the modus operandi Marvel’s probably not going to happen.

It will be interesting to see if the character of Dare devilwhich has a fanbase very solid and united thanks to the series Netflixnow available exclusively on Disney +will receive a treatment that is faithful to the previous one, also given the return of Charlie Cox in the vigilant lawyer, or if he will undergo the “MCU-ization” that was also inflicted on Kingpin in Hawkeye. The answers will come in last four episodes from She-Hulk: Attorney at Lawavailable on Disney + every Thursday.

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