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As The Simpsons continues their legendary TV series with no signs of stopping anytime soon, could another feature film adaptation be in the works? Previously, the franchise debuted The Simpsons Movie in theaters in 2007, finally bringing the animated family to the big screen after many years of slow progress. Over the past 15 years, rumors have also swirled at various times regarding the possibility of a new movie happening, but as of now, no concrete plans for The Simpsons Movie 2 development have materialized.

Preparing for the premiere of the show’s 34th season, showrunner and executive producer of the series Al Jean discussed the film’s potential sequel plans in a new interview with Yahoo! Movies. Jean says there had been serious discussions about pursuing another film before the pandemic put those plans on hold indefinitely. At this point, he’s still hopeful that another movie can be made one day, but at the moment they’re still trying to figure out if it should be developed for a theatrical experience or if it should stream straight to Disney+.

“I would love to work on another Simpsons movie, and we talked about it. I don’t know exactly what the animation world is like right now. I know there are movies that have done well, but is it streaming, is it theatrical? So I think that’s a question we should wrestle with before we even start working on a script, do we want to do, and right now I’m really happy to be working on these shorts.”

Jean also teased his interest in doing another feature last year in a separate interview with NME. At the time, Jean pointed out that the show’s continued high ratings were a deterrent to launching another movie, because continuing to air the show on TV is how the team creator of The Simpsons spends most of her time.

“We are cursed by the high ratings. We’re still on the air as a TV show and it takes a long time. I worked on the [first] simulcast to the show, and it nearly killed the animators. But we have an idea, it’s just that we are waiting to see what the environment is. Do we want to do it as a streamer? In theaters? Animation has been the slowest to return to theaters. But now that [ages] five years and older get vaccinated [in America], activity could resume. We are in wait-and-see mode. But there is definitely the germ of something there. »

The Simpsons got shorts on Disney+


Meanwhile, short films were made for The Simpsons after the series arrived on Disney+. This includes the Playdate with Destiny short centered on Maggie, the Star Wars parody The Force Awakens from Its Nap, the Marvel parody The Good, the Bart and the Loki, the Disney+ anniversary special Plusaversary, and the Billie Eilish crossover short When Billie Met Lisa.

The latest short in the series has also just debuted on Disney+. This one, featuring Lisa discovering the fun she could have as a villain with the help of some Disney villains, is dubbed Welcome to the Club. You can find the short as well as previous seasons of The Simpsons streaming on Disney+.

Simpsons producer teases new movie, could go straight to streaming | Pretty Reel