Star Wars The Last Jedi: the director was traumatized by the fury of the fans

A lot of fans of Star Wars will tell you at worst that the postlogy Star Wars does not existto the best that she managed to make them appreciate the prelogy. The last three films have received very mixed reviews, even if they offer interesting ideas. the director of the second part The Last Jedi suffered enormously from the criticism of the film he enjoyed directing.

Star Wars was very painful for the director

Maybe you remember the chaotic problems that the postlogy experienced during its production. The movies suffered waves of violent hate from fans, and upon seeing this, Disney overreacted by trying to draw their attention to what the studio thinks they love, to no avail. As a result, the films have been truncated, reworked many times, changing hands several times and the result is a multi-headed chimera. Here, we will rather focus on the second part of the postlogy, The Last Jedi in French (The Last Jedi) and directed by Rian Johnson. It’s been five years since Rian Johnson’s movie came out and the director gave a long interview to the magazine Empire. In it, he talks about the suffering he has experienced since the release of the film, how it all impacted him. Despite the success of the film, he was severely harassed by fans who blame him for a lot of things, and in a rather violent way..

In the interview, Rian Johnson Calls ‘Painful’ Early Critics He Received Around The Time The Film Was Released. He also talks about the difficult dialogue between fans and himself, who is usually very active on Twitter. He spent a lot of time chatting with each fan, but many weren’t open to discussion:

When the film was initially released, it was difficult. Very difficult. It was even extremely painful to read the negative reviews and insults. Before the release, when someone said something a little sarcastic to me on Twitter, I was like “Oh my god, there’s someone out there who doesn’t like me…I have to fix this.” In the context of social media, and maybe just in a context of human beings in the world, it completely fried my nerve endings for a while. I was under constant fire from criticism and insults. But I don’t know if that was really a bad thing. There were also a lot of very positive messages that did me a lot of good.

Star Wars 8 : the worst controversy until Solo

Despite the controversy, Rian still retains a deep love for the fan-base Star Wars. In particular, he insists that the majority of hateful criticism comes from a very vocal minority. “It’s a very small part of the fan base that is actively hostile and toxic. It is important to make this distinction. I don’t want anyone to think I’m marginalizing someone who didn’t like the movie. Having grown up as a Star Wars fan, part of the fun is that everyone likes and talks about different things.“Never an episode of Star Wars hasn’t been so divisive. On the site Rotten Tomatoesthe press offers 91% appreciation to the film, but on the fan side, it’s a cold shower, with a meager 42%, or a very poor score for the site average. A petition had even been created by the American Henry Walsh, believing that the film was a parody having completely destroyed the legacy of Luke Skywalker and the Jedi.


The biggest criticisms that are made of the film is its use of humor, often too strong as at the beginning of the film, when Luke throws the lightsaber outstretched by Rey. Characters also didn’t shine in the pane, failing in their quests, or dying, like Snoke who nevertheless fueled many theories around him. The creative freedoms of the director, accustomed to auteur films, were not appreciated by fans, just like the fact that he wasn’t JJ Abrams. Finally, we can add the fake death of Leia despite the very real one of Carry Fisher. A scene that is now one of the worst memories of fans of Star Wars.

Star Wars The Last Jedi: the director was traumatized by the fury of the fans