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Antonino also wins the second episode singing like Tom Walker. According to Gianni Morandi by Andrea Dianetti, third Claudio Lauretta as Pino Daniele

Antonino – Tom Walker Credit: © Rai

8 October 2022 at 01:39

Two out of two. Antonino Spadaccinothe former singer “Amici”, also won in the second appointment with “Such and Which Show”, The variety-talent in prime time Friday 7 October on Rai 1. And she won again by detachment, convincing all four judges, playing the Irish singer Tom Walker in his “Leave a light on”, perfectly reproducing not only his difficult way of singing, but also his movements and attitudes. For him a “real” standing ovation, as he escaped to say to Carlo Contiand also the promise to write him a song for the next Sanremo – where he seems to be unable to enter since 2005 – by Christian Malgioglio, dressed tonight as “Ape Maya” (definition of Panariello). Amadeus’s ears will be ringing.

Behind the Foggia interpreter he finished with 58 points Andrea Dianettithe favorite of social media, in the guise of a Gianni Morandi at the last Sanremo with “Open all the doors”, more similar in the voice than in the make-up, as they pointed out Loretta Goggi and Malgioglio who called it “Dragula”.

Four competitors follow in a handful of points. Starting with the imitator Claudio Laurettathird at 52 points, who recalled the great Pino Daniele and his “Quanno chiove”, impossible to replicate in reality. And from Elena Ballerinifourth one point away, who also attempted the feat, climbing the vocal peaks of Antonella Ruggiero in the success of the Matia Bazar “Ti Sento”.

Fifth, with 50 points, then came Gilles Roccawhich is the revelation of the edition, which had to redo the not so simple Tiziano Ferro of “Imbranato”. While she sixth, with 48, she finished Alessandra Mussoliniwhich he tried with a lot of good will but uncertain results, to do it again Loredana Bertè of “Daughter of …”.

Seventh and eighth, with 45 and 42 points, they classified Samira Luiwho has shown that she can sing and not only that she is beautiful by identifying herself with Rihanna with “Diamonds” and which perhaps deserved more, and Rosalinda Cannavòin tune but very far from the Elodie of “Bagno a Mezzanotte” which he had to imitate.

Neither does the tail trio change, with Valentina Persianinth at 39 points, for his parody of Giusy FerreriAnd Valeria Mariniwho with a smile slaughtered “Where is the love” of Cherinducing Malgioglio to threaten the abandonment of the broadcast.

Lastly, the repeater Francesco Paolantoni and his coach Gabriele Cirilliunlikely but as always very funny, in the colorful guise of RuPaul and Elton Johnwith Paolantoni who made even his partner laugh, with an unlikely English-Neapolitan and a fall, luckily without consequences, from RuPaul’s very high heels.

She also sat at the jury table Barbara Foria which he imitated Serena Bortonewhile on the final Carlo Conti he wanted to remember Pierangelo Bertoliwho died on 7 October 2002, reproducing the imitations of Giò Di Tonno And Max Giusti.

“Tale and Which Show 2022”: second episode. The performances and the ranking | TV Smiles and Songs