Terni Film Festival

TERNI – Tomorrow, November 20, will be theUkraine at the center of the final day of the Terni Film Festival.

At 14.30 prayer for peace presided over by the bishop Francesco Antonio Soddu in the church of Santa Maria Regina with the presence of the Ukrainian community of Terni. We will then continue inside the Politeama cinema. At 15.30 the film Carol of the Bells by Olesya Morgunets-Isaenkofollowed at 17.30 The other refugeesa documentary that the young Palestinian director Mohammed Almughanni shot on the border with Poland and from which the Photo exhibition set up at the Cenacolo San Marco until 16 December.

The afternoon also provides dating, do you sing And dances coming from one of the most important granaries in the world, cared for by the Ukrainian community which will also present handicraft products. call for peacewith the song The two Vladimirs written and sung by the director of Istess Teatro David Riondino with the accompaniment of sand notes by Gabriella Compagnone. To close the focus, as per tradition, the tasting – free – of typical products inside the Politeama cinema itself, where it will be possible to get to know the flavors and culinary traditions of Ukraine.

“To conclude the festival – reads the sympathetic press note of the Festival – there will be an exclusive appointment with the most classic of the classics: Battleship Potemkinwhich does not last 18 reels as Paolo Villaggio claims in it The second tragic Fantozzibut only 75 minutes. And furthermore it’s not crazy shit but a beautiful film that wrote the history of cinema, directed by a little more than twenty years old Sergej M. Eisenstein, who was actually a very exuberant character and not the serious intellectual portrayed by many. On the other hand, the most famous scene in the film, and the subject of Fantozzi’s parody, is the one that takes place on a staircase in Odessa, one of the cities that symbolize the current resistance of the Ukrainian people. In short, an opportunity to debunk a few clichés and rediscover a great masterpiece in a totally new version: the one with a soundtrack by Edison Studio, which does not offer simple musical accompaniment, but a real sensory experience”.

The curtain on this eighteenth edition of the Festival will definitely fall with Dante, arrogant poet, short written by Arnaldo Casali and directed by Riccardo Leonelli, Filippo Lupini and Nicolò Monghini produced by Istess Cinema as part of the theatrical show that concluded the kermesse last year, and which is presented for the first time as a real cinematographic work, which tells in an amused and amusing way little-known episodes of the life of the Great Poet. A biography strictly based on medieval historical and anecdotal sources. It is, moreover, the first cinematographic work produced on the life of Dante Alighieri, which anticipated Pupi Avati’s film by a year.

Admission is free. To consult the full program of the festival:

Terni Film Festival – Vivo Umbria closes with Battleship Potemkin (only 75 minutes long).