TF1: Alain Chabat parodies CNews and makes fun of the Boyard / Hanouna affair (video)

While the Global in Qatar approach, there is another TV appointment that many are waiting to discover on TF1: Alain Chabat’s Late Show which will be broadcast from Monday, November 21 at 11 p.m. The first issue of this daily is approaching and the channel has unveiled a teaser just to wait. And as this American-style late show will be in Chabat style, as if to announce this new show, it’s a teaser that surfs on the news of the moment that has just been broadcast.

Chabat surfs on the hot news of the moment and it’s funny

Indeed, from next November 21, from 11 p.m., TF1 will offer a daily American late show presented by Alain Chabat. We no longer need to introduce Chabat, who has become over the years one of the favorite personalities of the French thanks to sketches of Les Nuls, films such as The City of Fear Where Mission Cleopatra and recently the revival of Burger Quiz, his cult game on TMC.

To announce this daily program broadcast at the end of the evening during the World Cup, the host had decided to do by parodying a sequence featuring King Charles III and his pen problemscene that had made the rounds of social networks.

Very recently, it is an extract from a sketch planned in the show which has just been shared on Twitter. For the occasion, Alain Chabat surrounded himself with Jean-Paul Rouve to hilariously surf on media-political news by attacking CNews, a channel owned by Vincent Bolloré.


A hilarious parody with Chabat sauce

As a reminder, if you missed it, the deputy LFI Louis Boyard was the guest of Cyril Hanouna on the set of Do not touch My TV on C8, a channel belonging to the Bolloré group. While he was invited to talk about the Viking Ocean affair and the migrants who landed in Toulon, the deputy has decided to attack Vincent Bolloré. There followed a virulent altercation between the elected official and the presenter. Sequence which ended with the exit of Louis Boyard under the boos of the public.

Thanks to the genius of Alain Chabat and his humor, he offers us a sketch inspired by this news. Indeed, Jean-Paul Rouve and three columnists parody a program that looks a lot like Time for the Pros presented by Pascal Praud often decried to give free rein to the different opinions of the guests.


The comedian from Les Tuches launches “I’m sorry, but after a while couldn’t we classify the races?” then faced with the shocked reaction of the other participants he specifies: “I’m asking the question ! Can’t ask the question?“.

The voice-over then launches:

‘I ask the question’, the show that represents all currents of thought. ‘I ask the question’, tonight, everywhere, all the time

A direct reference to the slogans of the CNews channel. But the funniest thing is this detail which is located in the banner at the bottom of the screen. The authors slipped a nod to the clash that took place in TPMP because we can read: “A deputy slips up and tries to contradict Cyril Hanouna“. We let you discover the extract below.

The Late, D-9.

November 12, 2022

To discover the premiere of Alain Chabat’s Late Show, see you this Monday, November 21 on TF1 from 11 p.m.. The bad news is that only about ten shows are planned, only during the World Cup. Unless the audiences are there (which may be the case when Chabat is around)…

TF1: Alain Chabat parodies CNews and makes fun of the Boyard / Hanouna affair (video)