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The trio celebrates the anniversary of their union with two special evenings on Nove

Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo

Paolo Fiorelli
November 20, 2021 at 08:19

There are already 30 years of laughter together. To celebrate them, Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo they come back on tv with “We did 30 …”, two special evenings on Nove. We instead celebrate them with this interview.

To begin with, I would like to remove a curiosity that has tormented me for 30 years. Why are you called “Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo” and not, as the alphabetical order would like, “Aldo, Giacomo and Giovanni”?
Giovanni: «Giacomino arrived later and then we attacked him at the bottom. Oh, Aldo and I had already been together for almost ten years! ».
Aldo: «And then it sounds better».

How did you “cross”?
Giovanni: «Aldo and I formed a duo after studying together as mimes. We went to perform in a tourist village in Sardinia and Giacomo was the head entertainer. In order to collaborate he was ready for anything! Once he even acted as a noise maker: sgnik, driiin, boom… ».
Giacomo: «I must say that I liked them immediately».
Aldo: «We were in a bit of a crisis … Usually the third one makes the couple break out, right? He saved us. He brought a breath of fresh air ».
Giovanni: “And then when Aldo ditched his girlfriend and went to live at Giacomo’s house, I realized we weren’t getting rid of it anymore.”

Is there a specific date for the birth of the trio? What is the exact day of the birthday?
Giacomo: «It was November 10, 1991: the first whole show together, in a club in the Varese area. I remember it well because my leg was in a cast. Think bad luck, make your debut in a wheelchair! ».
Aldo: «We stuck a drawn sheet on it and it became a parody of“ The wheel of fortune ”.

First time on TV?
Aldo: “” Up your head! ” with Paolo Rossi, in 1992. For us he was a legend, we were very proud ».
Giovanni: «We performed in a real circus tent in Baggio, on the outskirts of Milan. The opportunity to invent animals: the ostrich, the camel … ».

But you “exploded” in 1994 with “Never say goals”.
Giovanni: «Finally with Gialappa’s we have found someone crazier than us who did not reject the strangest ideas. So we shot it bigger and bigger. “I would like to play the gecko on the wall”. And they: “And what’s the problem?”. “This is Tafazzi, he pulls large bottles on his genitals”: “And why not?”. “We want to enlist Jury Chechi as an acrobat among the Bulgarians”: “It can be done!” ».
Aldo: «To tell the truth, I was rejected by a character: the poor child. Because he made sadness ».
Giacomo: «You copied that from my Bimbo Gigi. Which is my favorite character. What I would take to a desert island ».
Aldo: «I would bring us a beautiful woman».
Giacomo: «You can’t. You have never made woman characters! ».

Then came the huge success in the cinema …
Giovanni: «We were not convinced. Production house Rodeo Drive came forward on a budget, be it fondly said, re-di-co-lo. We already had the success of “Mai dire gol”, the theater … ».
Aldo: «We jumped in».
Giacomo: «To give an idea: for the opening scene of“ Three men and a leg ”we asked for a three-door wardrobe. They gave it to two to save money. And as we were filming, one of them just fell apart. People thought it was a gag, but it was the crumbling material! ».

Tell the truth: with “The legend of Al John and Jack” you wanted to make it big in America as well.
Giovanni: «No, we are too Mediterranean … at most in Spain. But of course, shooting two weeks in the United States was unforgettable ».
Aldo: «That film has a problem. We went to see him in the hall: at a certain point we kill someone in cold blood because “I wanted to bring the heart of a fawn to the boss like in Snow White, but where do you find a fawn in New York?” . Frost has fallen in the dining room. They don’t even want bad guys to laugh. They love us too much! ».

Let’s talk about the theater. With “Anplagghed” in 2006 you filled the sports halls!
Aldo: «Do you know it was almost frustrating? They were so big that we had to put a big screen behind them. Basically those at the bottom saw us on TV ».
Giacomo: «We loved the first real theaters in Milan more. Lo Smeraldo, the Ciak, what a nostalgia … Today one has become a supermarket and the other is a condominium ».

Have you ever quarreled?
Giovanni: «Many times. But always for small things, which then died there. And they became ideas for sketches. Like that of the trip on the “Subaru Baracca”. Aldo who must always wait for him, Giacomo who puts his foot on the seat … And that time we left Milan and arrived in Pisa, did we discover that we weren’t in the theater that evening? There was Stefano Nosei. That he rightly looked at us like three crazy “.
Giacomo: «Even the“ Subaru Baracca ”was born from a painful true fact. It was 1998, things were going well, I get a new car. At the first exit I leave it in a paid parking lot and on the way back they tell me: “But look, your girlfriend has already picked it up”. In short, they had stolen it. So I went to an insurer: “Listen to which car they steal the least?”. And he: the Subaru. Socket”.

And how were the Swiss, Bulgarians and Sardinians born?
Aldo: «We risked big for the Bulgarians. I was with Giovanni in a holiday village in Zanzibar. Before us some local acrobats performed but in short, they were a bit down-and-out, stortignaccoli … So we went on stage and we imitated them to make fun of them. They looked at us ugly, but really ugly! ».
Giovanni: «Then they became the Bulgarians because there too there is a circus tradition … poor. Even with the Sardinians we were afraid that they would get angry. When we were performing in the villages in Sardinia we understood half of the words they said to us, so I invented those absurd terms: “la sitiparridda, il fatamigarru” … and I became a kind of hero ».
Giacomo: «Yes, because in the sketch Giovanni is a straight. The Swiss, on the other hand, are the parody of a show we loved, “Ultimo minute”, which told of last minute bailouts. In order not to make it too similar and give it an exotic flavor, we set it abroad. In the Canton of Ticino ».

Now you will say that even the divine “Pdor son of Kmer” was born from a daily experience …
Giovanni: «Of course. That of reading comics. I’m a fan of “Conan the Barbarian” and there it’s all full of words like this, epic, mystical and above all incomprehensible ».
Aldo: «And then we invented the two wayfarers who are looking for him … our sketches are born like this, from a continuous confrontation. Maybe around a table football ».

But aren’t your families jealous of the trio and all the time you spend together?
Giovanni: «No, also because they are often there too! To write the films we spent the summer in a big house in Tuscany together. It was rented by the late Paolo Guerra, our “historic” producer who died a year ago. The show on Nove is dedicated to his memory ».

Do you also share hobbies?
Giacomo: «Well, there in Tuscany we did some tennis tournaments. The three of us against other teams, like Davis Cup. We always won. In my opinion the others lost on purpose to give us the charge … we need an investigation: “Clean rackets” ».
Giovanni: «I used to run marathons and I often took Aldo with me too».
Aldo: «Yes, but I was going for the trip: we went to Brazil, Iceland, Ethiopia. There I also got lost in a village. They searched for me for four hours. I didn’t know a word of their language … or even English. A nightmare”.

Last curiosity: the Beatles had “the fifth beatle”, the Pooh “the fifth Pooh”. Is there a “quarter of the trio”?
Giovanni: «For years we have been a de facto quartet with Marina Massironi. We made three films together ».
Aldo: «Today my wife, Silvana Fallisi often works alongside us».
Giacomo: «But they never entered the name of the trio … In fact we could have given more space to women. It will be for the next 30 years ».

The 30 years together of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo in “We made 30 …” | TV Smiles and Songs