The 5 best horror movie parodies

It is quite rare to see a happy story in a horror movie, for the simple fact that the tension and suspense are ruined. Contrary to this statement, the next 10 films that you will find in the list, stand out the ‘good ones’, extolling the way in which they have been able to defeat evil.

A relentless horror movie with a happy ending often causes a severe jarring sensation and the viewer may not purchase the ending due to the tonal clash. It happens, however, that there are numerous horror films with happy endings, those in which the ‘good guys’ manage to triumph over evil.

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28 Days Later (2002)

When it was released in 2002, 28 days later it is been touted as the scariest movie in recent years. Most of that has to do with its terrifying speedy zombies and relentlessly somber tone. However, it has a happy ending; three of the four main cast members survive, and the infection dies naturally when the infected starve, allowing the country to return to normal… as long as you ignore the sequel. That said, the original ending was far more tragic and depressing, but the director Danny Boyle changed it after negative test screenings.

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Child’s Play (1988)

Chucky is now a horror movie icon, but her story was almost ended in Child’s Play . It’s entirely possible to ignore the existence of sequels and enjoy this classic slasher as a one-of-a-kind horror movie. The end of the film sees Andy, Karen and Mike fighting Chucky in Karen’s apartment. They burn him and shoot him, but it’s useless until Mike eventually kills him by shooting him in the heart. The film ends and all the heroes survive unscathed. Maybe Andy will be psychologically scarred due to the traumatic events of the film, but at least he’s alive!

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The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

For the most part, The Silence of the Innocents contains a happy ending with good guys winning. Clarice ends up finding and killing Buffalo Bill, and saves poor Catherine Martin from the well. She too finds peace of mind and serenity, since “the lambs have stopped screaming”.

The only remaining problem is Hannibal Lecter . The deranged psychopath escapes from prison, kills numerous people, including an innocent civilian, and flees to a remote island to live in peace and anonymity where he plans to have an old friend for dinner …

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Scream (1996)

Scream it wonderfully subverted the tropes of the slasher genre and resulted in the survival of many of the main cast. Aside from poor Tatum, all of the main cast members survived, including Sidney, Dewey, Gale, and even Randy. Not only that, but Sidney saves her father from Billy and Stu, whom she kills by herself.

How Child’s Play it is quite possible to watch Scream as a movie in its own right, as there are no outstanding issues as the credits roll. In many ways, it’s the perfect slasher movie.

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Aliens (1986)

Perhaps Aliens it’s more of an action movie than a horror movie, but it still contains a lot of horrible elements. Again, much of the main cast survives the ordeal, at least everyone we care about, except poor Hudson. Ripley fights with the queen and ends up ejecting her into space. Even though Bishop was ripped in half, he is still stored in the escape pod for the return trip to Earth along with Ripley, Newt and Hicks. The small family unit survives… as long as it ignores the events of Alien 3 . But, on the other hand, pretty much everyone does it anyway.

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Get Out (2017)

Get Out was the surprise hit of 2017 and contains a happy ending with the good guy who survived. After being imprisoned in the basement, Chris escapes and kills Jeremy, Dean and Missy. Rose is cared for by the newly freed gardener, Walter, and Chris is rescued by Rod.

The Nice Guy technically won, but at what cost? He apparently has nothing left to live for – he had told Rose earlier that she was all he had – and he will almost certainly be wanted for at least serious questioning in the Armitage massacre.

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Green Room (2015)

Green Room follows an unfortunate punk band who witnessed a murder and are later hunted by a group of neo-Nazis. It’s a good movie, and certainly not for the fussy eaters. While most of the band dies at the hands of the skinheads, bassist, Pat, survives with Amber.

They manage to kill all the skinheads except Gabe, who proceeds to call the police. Pat and Amber’s fate remains ambiguous, as they simply wait on the side of the road for the police to arrive. But they survived and defeated their attackers.

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Vacancy (2007)

Straight slasher movies rarely end in hero victory, but Vacancy it is one of the rare exceptions. This movie sees Luke Wilson And Kate Beckinsale as a quarrelsome, nearly divorced couple living in a seedy motel after returning from a family.

They soon discover that the motel is a homicide ground, and these murders are turned into snuff movies. Both David and Amy manage to survive the events of the night and kill all of their attackers, providing the film with a strangely satisfying and happy ending.

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Silence (2016)

Silence is just one of the many great horror films directed by Mike Flanagan, which is quickly establishing itself as one of the leading names in modern horror. The film is led by his real wife, Kate Siegel, who plays a deaf woman named Maddie.

Maddie is hunted down by a man in her remote woodland home. Eventually, she Maddie finally takes over by dipping a corkscrew into the man’s neck, killing him. She phones the police and the movie ends when they arrive.

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The Exorcist (1973)

The exorcist is widely touted as one of the scariest movies ever made, yet, despite that, it has a happy ending. Things obviously don’t end well for the priests, as Merrin dies of a heart attack and a newly possessed Karras bravely commits suicide by jumping out the window and taking the demon with him.

Regan is freed and does not seem to remember the events of her possession, and Chris takes back his daughter. They leave for the future, happy with the successful exorcism.

The 5 best horror movie parodies